Spirit – Look af­ter your body

Pas­tor Pushie Watson says GUARD God’s tem­ple, your body.

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The body does not come with spare parts. A mother can­not pick-and-choose which parts she would like for her baby. The sono­gram shows you a 4D pic­ture of ex­actly what you’re get­ting, male or fe­male, and all the parts, both in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal, and or­gans of the baby. What you’re born with is of­ten what you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life. Now, of course, to­day we have the ben­e­fits of cos­metic surgery, pros­thet­ics, and trans­plants; but even those are not ac­ces­si­ble to every­body. There­fore, tak­ing care of the body you were given at birth, in what­ever shape, size, or form, has to be paramount if it’s to last you a life­time. Un­for­tu­nately we of­ten take what we have for granted un­til it’s too late.

A lit­tle while ago I had a health scare. I gath­ered up the courage to phone for a doc­tor’s ap­point­ment. The re­cep­tion­ist says, “Let me check the di­ary.” Af­ter a few long min­utes she replied, “Doc­tor’s very busy at the mo­ment but I can help you in two weeks’ time.” Ok, if I knew I was go­ing to be ill, I would’ve called two weeks ago. What if the stress from wor­ry­ing kills me? I’m al­ready too scared to face this health chal­lenge, yet when I muster up the courage to face it, you try to de­ter me by de­lays, tempt­ing me to can­cel. This is when you start hav­ing con­ver­sa­tions with God, and be­gin fran­ti­cally quot­ing ev­ery healing scrip­ture you know. “Lord, I need you. You know I’ve al­ready been through enough. I’ve had my fair share of trou­bles. I don’t need an­other test. I can’t af­ford to be sick. Please res­cue me from this.”

Have you ever ex­pe­ri­enced a health scare or set­back that brought your en­tire life to a com­plete stand­still? Un­til then, you take your health for granted. Many years ago, dur­ing a very tur­bu­lent time in my life, a friend said to me, “Once you have your health, you have life.” In other words what you’re so wor­ried about is im­ma­te­rial when you still have your health, be­cause you still have the abil­ity to turn it around and live your best life. That state­ment put ev­ery­thing into per­spec­tive. But I never con­tem­plated ever fac­ing a health cri­sis. Youth de­ludes you into think­ing you have your whole life ahead of you. You take it for granted, not ap­pre­ci­at­ing the body is a gift with­out a life­time war­ranty, and old age is a priv­i­lege not all get to see.

But as you get older, you start ap­pre­ci­at­ing the gift of good health. You stop abus­ing your body, and take care of it. You learn your body is the tem­ple of God, which you must hon­our, re­spect and trea­sure. You be­come more care­ful of what you do with it and who you give it to. So guard and pro­tect it like your most pre­cious jewel.

Oh, so I even­tu­ally did see the doc­tor. Af­ter much panic and prayer I awaited my test re­sults. The doc­tor said, “There’s noth­ing wrong.” Oh, thank God! I felt my strength, courage and joy com­ing back. Never again would I take good health for granted. I have to live long enough to ful­fill the pur­pose and call of God on my life and ac­com­plish the as­sign­ment for which I was born; and I only have one body to do it with.

So I must pre­serve it, spirit, soul and mind to achieve all that it was cre­ated to do.

‘What you’re so wor­ried about is im­ma­te­rial when you still have your health and the abil­ity to turn it around and live your best life.

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