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Say what? R5.3 mil­lion for an episode? Yes, that’s what Mark Har­mon earns for ev­ery episode of NCIS as Gibbs (find out more on p10). While I’m en­vi­ous of him, I can’t help lik­ing him too… But while he’s earn­ing megabucks, the wardrobe peo­ple at soapies strug­gle to stretch tight bud­gets and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to make ends meet (p8). Well, at least they’re clever about it. Speak­ing of clever, the fire scenes in The Smoke (p11) were clev­erly done. I watched the first episode and had mixed re­ac­tions: how many fire­fighter shows can there be? But I have hope that the se­ries will grow and de­velop into some­thing worth­while. PS: How amaz­ing is the Rhythm City wed­ding (p18)? And per­son­ally, I’m glad that the bad Nol­untu is back over at Gen­er­a­tions (p24). I love a good baddie. Go Nol­untu!

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