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The of Night Guard give you a taste of crime-bust­ing life on the streets of Joburg.

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07:00 – BRIEFING

crime is com­mit­ted ev­ery 16 seconds in South Africa. That’s what Crime Stats SA tells us. But as over­whelm­ing as this statis­tic may be, South Africans aren’t nec­es­sar­ily alone in the fight, as this new lo­cal flyon-the-wall re­al­ity se­ries re­veals. Night guard gives view­ers more in­sight into the dan­ger­ous, high­stakes world of per­sonal se­cu­rity through the eyes of the three Eblen broth­ers: no-non­sense Jp (35), joker Zaine (33) and softie Emile (28), who head up fam­ily busi­ness Night guard Se­cu­rity. tv­plus spent a day with the brave broth­ers to see what they face “in the of­fice”. Even though we only shared a few adrenaline­filled hours with them, it gave us more than enough nail-bit­ing mo­ments. here’s what to ex­pect from the show…

A thor­ough break­down of the day’s tasks is given. To­day we’re trekking down to the Jukskei river just out­side Kyalami, Joburg. “It’s not all about fight­ing crime,” team leader Jp says. “Sum­mer’s just around the cor­ner and that means flood­ing – we need to get those peo­ple [va­grants] to move.”


With the Night guard team armed and ready for ac­tion, we head into the veld. It’s a tricky jour­ney with an elec­tric fence on the one side and a steep drop on the other. With just un­der 60cm of walk­ing space to work with, the dan­ger lev­els are al­ready high. It soon turns into a messy walk with sew­er­age leak­ing from all sides and the dry veld quickly turns into a smelly swamp.

13:00-16:00 – STING LIKE A BEE

With the group having en­joyed bil­tong, sarmies, chicken ke­babs and litres of wa­ter for lunch, we head to a nearby petrol sta­tion. Time for a sting op­er­a­tion! “We take a sim­ple car (usu­ally one of our own) and leave a lap­top bag on the front seat,” Jp ex­plains. “There’s a tiny cam­era in the bag, the thief will look right into it when he lifts the bag.” While no thief took the bait on the day, the team’s man­aged to nab a fair num­ber of crim­i­nals this way in their 12 years of ex­pe­ri­ence.


Life as a Night guard Spe­cial Ops mem­ber isn’t always se­ri­ous. They of­ten pull pranks (youngest team mem­ber Trevor is mostly the vic­tim) or make crazy bets. “Trevor had his chest waxed last week be­cause he couldn’t catch a chicken,” Zaine says with a smile. “Oh, and he’s get­ting tasered this week af­ter he lost against me in a boot­camp chal­lenge.” Whether they’re clean­ing the streets, help­ing com­mu­ni­ties or giv­ing each other grief, they’re pas­sion­ate about what they do. “We love help­ing peo­ple. It’s the most re­ward­ing part of the job,” says Jp, be­fore rush­ing to an­other call-out.


pro­duc­ing a re­al­ity show on crime­fight­ing comes with its chal­lenges. With three cam­era guys fol­low­ing the team night and day, things can get tricky… “The first few days were tough,” Zaine ad­mits. “Also, now we have three ex­tra guys to look out for.” Jp also tells us that they al­most lost one of the cam­era­men while do­ing a raid in Them­bisa, Joburg. “he just wan­dered off on his own.” But Jp ad­mits that having the cam­eras there has its ad­van­tages. “While the cam­eras do draw at­ten­tion to us, sud­denly we’re not seen as a threat any­more.”

JP takes his job very se­ri­ously, so

pay at­ten­tion!

Rise ’n shine – the guys get their daily brief­ings

nice and early.

The cam­era teams fol­low the

guards wher­ever they go.




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