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Ca­rina and Mar­ius started dat­ing se­cretly, Sussie and Jimmy got closer, and the new share­holder in the Villa had huge ren­o­va­tion plans in mind. News about Jimmy’s drug deal­ing up­sets Sussie, and Jimmy wants to get closer to Wouter but Eben makes it al­most im­pos­si­ble. Sussie tells Jimmy why they’ll never be able to have a re­la­tion­ship, Vicky is jeal­ous of Mar­ius and Ca­rina’s new­found love, and Sussie gets a sur­pris­ing of­fer to work at King Pie. Vicky des­per­ately wants to in­vite Mar­ius and Ca­rina for din­ner, and Eben tries to keep quiet about the fact that he’s go­ing to the po­lice about the drugs. Astrid plots to save Jimmy, who has it in for Eben and fol­lows him ev­ery­where, and Eben gets ner­vous and an­gry when no one be­lieves his side of the story. Jimmy and Astrid get good news from the lawyer, Mar­ius is jeal­ous when Vicky and Jimmy seem to be having a good time to­gether, then Sussie shares her con­cerns about Jimmy with Mar­ius. Vicky’s din­ner for Ca­rina and Mar­ius doesn’t go ac­cord­ing to plan, and Wouter wants to im­press An­thony with an im­por­tant task but finds it dif­fi­cult. Jimmy’s reck­less behaviour stresses Astrid, while Wouter is de­lighted when he meets Lente in the mall. Mean­while, Eben’s vendetta against Jimmy makes his life dif­fi­cult. Wouter is head-over-heels in love with Lente, and An­thony’s doubt­ing whether he’s able to work as a doc­tor again. Eben’s shocked when AJ shows up in Bloem­fontein un­ex­pect­edly, while Astrid shares her con­cern about Eben’s drug prob­lem with Fritz. AJ wants to buy prop­erty in Bloem and Astrid kindly of­fers to help him find some­thing to buy, then Wouter’s taken by sur­prise when he tries to give An­thony some valu­able ad­vice.

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