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So… it looks like David Clark (James Tup­per) isn’t the only per­son who can keep a diary full of dirty de­tails. We take a peek in­side Con­rad Grayson’s (Henry Cz­erny) diary, filled with evil thoughts, deeds and shenani­gans…

Dear diary…

17 Au­gust Must fid­dle my bank ac­counts be­fore Vic­to­ria (Madeleine Stowe) finds out I just blew $10 mil­lion to buy off Ly­dia (Am­ber Val­letta). I don’t even want to cal­cu­late what that just cost me per “ses­sion”. And if I can’t hide it, I guess I’ll have to claim that I’m buy­ing Ly­dia’s si­lence. If only that were pos­si­ble. Hap­pily, Ly­dia seems to have found a new hobby in stalk­ing Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp). Maybe she’ll do a bet­ter job than Frank (Max Mar­tini), who’s start­ing to an­noy me by mak­ing eyes at Vic­to­ria – as if I wouldn’t no­tice. Come on, who does he think he’s fool­ing?

Also, I’ve bought Vic­to­ria a new car. That ought to shut her up. Add $200 000 to the $10 mil­lion spent on Ly­dia and it’s turn­ing out to be a very ex­pen­sive month. Now I know why all those rap singers com­plain about women. Yo! The Vic­tims United Ben­e­fit tonight with those two is go­ing to be such fun (yes, I’m be­ing sar­cas­tic here).

PS: I have in­vited Tyler Bar­rel (Ash­ton Holmes) to in­tern at Grayson Global. Hope­fully that’ll light a fire un­der Daniel (Joshua Bow­man), who seems to be show­ing no signs of set­tling into the ca­reer I’ve picked out for him. If he doesn’t knuckle down, he can kiss that trust fund good­bye. That said, I should get some de­cent free labour out of Tyler be­fore his brown-nos­ing and shifti­ness be­comes too an­noy­ing to stand. This was sup­posed to be a re­lax­ing sum­mer va­ca­tion. I’m ac­tu­ally start­ing to hate the Hamp­tons. Too much drama. ’Til next time… CG. NB! Missed the first fic­tional diary en­try from Con­rad? Turn to p53…

don’t be fooled by those blue eyes – Con­rad’s a killer.

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