sech­aba’s the she­been boss!

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t hings are about to change in a big way in the deep when sech­aba (mot­latsi mafat­she) re­claims the throne as king of the she­been. by now, view­ers know that sech­aba doesn’t shy away from grab­bing an op­por­tu­nity when it comes his way. so when bra g (dar­ling­ton michaels) pulls a sud­den dis­ap­pear­ing act, sech­aba’s quick to take over the reins at the she­been. but filling ge­orgie’s shoes comes with a few nasty catches, as sech­aba soon learns.

who’s the boss

with the taxi strike hav­ing hit sibeko gold hard in re­cent weeks, lin­coln and nikiwe (lin­dani nkosi and linda sokhulu) wheel and deal their way back into power. on thurs­day 27 novem­ber, the sibeko duo con­front ge­orgie and re­veal that they know he’s be­hind the taxi drama. they give him a choice: do se­ri­ous jail time for sab­o­tag­ing their company or skip town and en­joy his free­dom. nat­u­rally, bra g’s not one to throw him­self un­der the bus, so he hits the road with­out a sec­ond thought, leav­ing the bustling she­been high and dry on mon­day 1 de­cem­ber.

schemer sech­aba im­me­di­ately jumps in to save the she­been – again. ever since his first gig as she­been man­ager in au­gust, he’s been up for the chal­lenge. “sech­aba’s a hustler,” mot­latsi says. “he steps up and as­sumes the man­age­rial role.” but there’s a con­flict of in­ter­est here – sech­aba’s one of lin­coln’s em­ploy­ees at sibeko gold and we doubt his boss will be happy with his in­volve­ment in bra g’s fi­nan­cial af­fairs.

spy vs spy

on tues­day 9 de­cem­ber, sech­aba gets the shock of his life when lin­coln rocks up at the she­been – and he’s not there for a quick drink. he knows about sech­aba’s moon­light­ing and “things get out of hand,” mot­latsi says of the ar­gu­ment. but once the fight is over and sech­aba re­alises he stands no chance against the mighty min­ing mogul, lin­coln sur­prises sech­aba with an un­usual and in­trigu­ing of­fer: he wants sech­aba to be sibeko gold’s spy in ge­orgie’s camp. “sech­aba is sur­prised at first,” mot­latsi ad­mits. but he loves work­ing for the rich and pow­er­ful, so sech­aba gladly ac­cepts and agrees to be lin­coln’s cor­po­rate spy. his mis­sion is sim­ple: what­ever dirt the sibekos can use against ge­orgie, lin­coln wants it. mot­latsi even warns us that sech­aba’s not above break­ing the law. “spy­ing is break­ing laws, pe­riod,” he ad­mits. “but he knows the reper­cus­sions when ly­ing in bed with the sibeko fam­ily…”

fa­ther (fig­ure) knows best

that be­ing said, is there re­ally any­thing that sech­aba wouldn’t do to make his mark in the world of business war­fare? mot­latsi says that his character is up for any­thing. “sech­aba is very un­pre­dictable. he’s like a germ that can get up to any­thing if he’s pas­sion­ate about it or has no choice. sech­aba knows that some­times a pow­er­ful man has to do things that he’s not proud of.” uh oh! we smell trou­ble…

per­haps sech­aba’s re­la­tion­ship with the deep’s long-serv­ing gang­ster ge­orgie will even­tu­ally be his sav­ing grace. “ge­orgie is like a fa­ther to sech­aba,” mot­latsi ex­plains. “he’s the true god­fa­ther. he has taught sech­aba a lot of tricks.” but whether those tricks will keep the young schemer out of dan­ger re­mains to be seen.

lin­coln’s never one to pass up an op­por­tu­nity

to spy on an en­emy.

is bra g mak­ing room for a new wheeler dealer on the deep.

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