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We turn the ta­bles on eksê’s masech­aba lekalake and re­filwe modis­elle and found that noth­ing’s off lim­its with th­ese ladies – on­screen and off.

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Weksê: let’s talk with masech­aba lekalake sea­son 2 tue-thu eKasi+ 17:55/ 18:00

hen should you take your re­la­tion­ship to the next level? is sui­cide ever an op­tion? is sa’s ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem go­ing to the dogs? th­ese are some of the hot top­ics that ra­dio and tv per­son­al­ity masech­aba lekalake and africa’s first al­bino model (it’s now of­fi­cial – ask cnn) re­filwe modis­elle cover three days a week on eksê (2013-cur­rent), along with co-host co­me­dian tol a$$ mo. but don’t mis­take them for your run-of-the-mill pre­sen­ters. be­cause sa’s “full of pre­sen­ters,” they say – the ladies pre­fer to be called so­cial ac­tivists.

masech­aba lekalake

grow­ing up in lusaka, zam­bia, what did you want to be? a writer. al­ways. that never changed. tv was never part of the plan. you have a talk­show on power fm week­nights from 19:00 to 21:00 and this show on tv. would you say that pre­sent­ing is a tal­ent or a skill that you’ve ac­quired? it’s a skill i’ve de­vel­oped over time, purely as i’ve gone along. after re­turn­ing from the us at the age of 13, i be­came elo­quent while try­ing to speak english the way it’s spo­ken here and not with the ac­cent that i’d gained over there. what’s your pas­sion in life? my kids – king itume­leng (1) and lun­gelo (6) – and get­ting to be a “san­goma” (a healer of the soul, not a real one) on tv and ra­dio is what i love. which do you con­sider the most im­por­tant of the top­ics you’ve dis­cussed on the show so far? the show that we had on sui­cide (it aired on 6 au­gust 2014) had a great im­pact. it was a pow­er­ful episode, even though ev­ery episode has been in its own way. and which show do you think drew the big­gest re­sponse? hav­ing emo­tional par­a­sites in your life (it aired on 4 march 2014) got peo­ple talk­ing. every­body has some­one who just won’t stop try­ing to leech from them. what’s the best part about work­ing with such strong and di­verse per­son­al­i­ties? our co-host mo makes work fun and light. i feel sorry for the floor man­ager be­cause he has to keep us all in line [laughs]. so what makes your show dif­fer­ent? it’s the only tv show that’s made so­cio-eco­nomic is­sues com­pre­hen­si­ble to the lay­man. the video jour­nal­ist el­e­ment with miza modibedi, our field re­porter, surf­ing the streets for peo­ple’s opin­ions on the topic at hand is also an awe­some part as it gets the peo­ple in­volved in the con­ver­sa­tion and gets them to bare their soul.

re­filwe modis­elle

as a lit­tle girl, did you al­ways dream of be­ing where you are right now? i went from want­ing to be an ad­ver­tis­ing guru to fash­ion de­signer and graphic de­signer. so what made you de­cide to add talk­show host to your ré­sumé? i’d al­ways gone to au­di­tions be­cause i be­lieve peo­ple with al­binism don’t have a voice and i wanted to change that. and i love oprah win­frey – both masech­aba and i do. what drives you? god. and the thought of leav­ing some­thing be­hind when i’m gone. anyany amazinga­maz­ing guests­guests you’dyou’d lovelove toto come­come back? def­i­nitely khanyi mbau. she is phe­nom­e­nal and peo­ple take the mind she has and her value for granted. what do you like most about your co-hosts? they treat me like the egg of the fam­ily – like i’m so del­i­cate and pre­cious and need pro­tec­tion. i’m the baby and be­ing here is like a home away from home, with masech­aba adding a cer­tain in­tel­li­gence and strength that i’ve had to tap into and learn. and mo makes me laugh – which is im­por­tant to me. and what makes eksê dif­fer­ent from other talkshows? a level of in­tel­li­gence doesn’t equal authenticity. we bring out our true selves as not just pre­sen­ters, but as so­cial ac­tivists too.

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re­filwe modis­elle

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