The almost ac­ci­den­tal hit

David might’ve made his big­gest mis­take when he ac­ci­den­tally or­ders a hit on his crush dr ongers – for a bot­tle of whiskey!

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ab­surd ob­ses­sion

avid ge­naro’s (jamie bartlett) used to get­ting what he wants. if some­thing catches his eye, he makes a phonecall and it’s done – it’s part of the charm of be­ing pow­er­ful and dan­ger­ous. but when david doesn’t get his way, he throws his toys – and we’re not talk­ing rub­ber ducks and rat­tles. try mur­der!

when david meets hamish (iain paton), he knows what he wants from the man: a bot­tle of his rare whiskey. hamish said no but that’s not stop­ping david – on fri­day 12 de­cem­ber, lerato tells david that she heard that hamish wants his wife [dr eve ongers – camilla wald­man] killed. just like that, david can taste his prize. “un­til now, david’s quest for the whiskey’s been un­suc­cess­ful,” says jamie. “but that’s what makes it a story. it wouldn’t be a story if david had it his way. it wouldn’t be a story if there were no ob­sta­cles.” if only david knew who hamish’s wife re­ally is… for david, it’s not the taste of the whiskey, but rather get­ting his own way. “there’s noth­ing more to it than an ob­ses­sion,” says jamie. “to have some­thing that he can’t have.” so plac­ing the hit on hamish’s wife on mon­day 15 de­cem­ber in ex­change for the whiskey isn’t much trou­ble for david. “he of­fers to kill hamish’s wife – he’s re­sult driven and how you get there isn’t im­por­tant; it’s get­ting there that is,” jamie says. but david isn’t go­ing to get his hands on the prize that eas­ily be­cause – oops – if he’d stopped to ask hamish why he wants his wife dead, he’d have learnt that hamish is mar­ried to david’s dodgy for­mer crush dr ongers.

blast from past

when david re­alises that he’s put a hit on eve, he scram­bles to stop his hench­man jimmy (james cun­ning­ham). “he re­calls the dirty laun­dry from his blast from the past,” says jamie. when we last saw eve a year ago, she’d been in­jected with a paral­y­sis serum and was slumped on a chair, about to face a prison sen­tence for killing her dad, plus lose her med­i­cal li­cence. “david’s urge to save eve is the recog­ni­tion of dark and murky wa­ters that they would both love to sub­merge them­selves in,” says jamie. but will they get the chance or will he be too late?


“eve doesn’t give away se­crets,” says camilla. “she man­aged to get out of prison, bun­gled pa­per­work and went trav­el­ling, where she met a man on a beach and sailed off into the sun­set with him.” she mar­ried him but now he wants her dead. when david tries to play hero on fri­day 19 de­cem­ber, eve at­tacks him with a knife. “she thinks that david wants to kill her. it takes a while to see that she and david are alike,” says camilla, mean­ing eve may want re­venge. was sav­ing her a good idea? “david was go­ing to leave her to rot in prison. eve has a thirst for re­venge…” camilla teases.

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