A clean slate

Vince might move to Cape Town to open up a new deli.

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ince (jac­ques blig­naut) has been in a dark place ever since he found out in novem­ber that neville (zane meas) isn’t his real dad. in the mean­time, he’s con­tacted his biological fa­ther, the wealthy busi­ness­man arnold lan­g­ley (si­mon bruinders), but de­spite vince’s hopes, their first meet­ing as fa­ther and son went pear-shaped. “arnold hasn’t had another soul – let alone a child – in his life, so he comes across as very cold, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for vince to build a re­la­tion­ship with him,” jac­ques ex­plains. but arnold does try to ex­tend a fa­therly hand to vince and of­fers to buy him a brand-new deli in cape town. that means a new be­gin­ning for vince, who can build a re­la­tion­ship with his real dad – but he’ll then have to leave the rest of the mein­tjies fam­ily in hill­side. vince now has to choose and it’s not go­ing to be an easy decision to make.

loser lawyer

on thurs­day 11 de­cem­ber, xan­der (theo mein­tjies) hears about his brother’s new job op­por­tu­nity and kindly of­fers to draw up the le­gal doc­u­ments for the new deli. but jac­ques says that vince takes xan­der’s olive branch the wrong way. “it gets his back up im­me­di­ately and he takes xan­der’s of­fer as a way to get him to cape town and fi­nally work him out of the mein­tjies fam­ily. to make mat­ters worse, later that same day, arnold puts vince un­der pres­sure to ei­ther ac­cept his of­fer or de­cline it. vince is an emo­tional wreck,” jac­ques says. “but he won’t show it. the stub­born­ness is eat­ing him alive and he ex­pects the mein­tjies fam­ily to apol­o­gise for how they han­dled the sit­u­a­tion. the pos­si­bil­ity to start over with a clean slate in cape town is some­thing that he now strongly con­sid­ers.”

the punch­ing bag

and the per­son stuck in the mid­dle of this mess is vince’s long-suf­fer­ing wife bonita (hilde­gardt whites). hilde­gardt says that her character’s be­come vince’s punch­ing bag lately. “he’s abrupt and moody all the time. it af­fects his work and per­sonal life and poor bonita is in the cross­fire,” she re­veals.

dis­cour­aged about the sit­u­a­tion, bonita tries to help vince on fri­day 12 de­cem­ber by phon­ing arnold be­hind her hubby’s back and or­gan­is­ing a meet­ing. the two meet at a restau­rant and bonita tries to ex­plain vince’s trou­bled mind­set to arnold. she asks him if they can’t get a bit of time be­fore vince takes a fi­nal decision as


dis­ap­point­ing dad

while vince is weigh­ing things up, bonita tries to help fa­ther and son to es­tab­lish a bet­ter bond and she con­vinces vince on mon­day 15 de­cem­ber to show arnold his skills in the kitchen by invit­ing him for a meal in the deli. “vince’s mood is cheer­ful for a change; he’s ex­cited about the prospect of cook­ing for his dad,” hilde­gard says. jac­ques adds that it’s the per­fect op­por­tu­nity for vince to prove him­self. “up un­til now, vince felt very in­tim­i­dated by arnold. now he can show arnold that he’s a chef to be reck­oned with.” but when the food’s on the ta­ble and it’s time to eat, arnold doesn’t pitch. “it’s a big dis­ap­point­ment for vince and he just falls deeper into the dark hole of de­pres­sion,” jac­ques says.

stay or go?

for a sec­ond time, bonita tries to get the men to­gether on tues­day 16 de­cem­ber, but when they sit down at the ta­ble arnold’s at­ten­tion is not with his son at all. arnold’s on his phone, an­swer­ing calls, with vince try­ing to get a word in edge­ways – un­til vince loses it and storms off. hilde­gard ex­plains that this is the fi­nal straw. “bonita’s pri­or­ity is to stand be­hind her man and arnold’s be­hav­iour is un­ac­cept­able,” she says.

a wor­ried wife.

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