Risky business

Dodgy loan­sharks and sell­ing steroids – what on earth is lindile do­ing?

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here’s so much drama in hill­side! if it’s not al­tus (heino sch­mitt) hav­ing an af­fair or emma (bertha le roux) go­ing to prison, it’s lindile (musa ngema) who’s sud­denly be­hav­ing out of character. he’s avoid­ing his friends and is seen sell­ing­ing steroids to his clients at the gym and in the t&t sport shop. his wor­ried girl­friend ag­gie’s (mimi mahlasela) had enough of get­ting the cold shoul­der and on fri­day 12 de­cem­ber she de­mands an ex­pla­na­tion. but their re­la­tion­ship doesn’t seem to be strong enough to with­stand the truth.

big break-up

mimi says that ag­gie’s frus­trated. “they just made up in au­gust after the big mis­un­der­stand­ing with ed­die (luzuko nteleko), the it guy who had the hots for her; now they’re clash­ing again.” a woman needs sta­bil­ity and se­cu­rity and lindile’s not of­fer­ing her that at this stage, mimi adds. “he re­fuses to tell her the truth, so she ends their re­la­tion­ship.” and it’s not just ag­gie who can see that lindile is hid­ing some­thing. bernard (werner coetser) no­tices that lindile’s def­i­nitely up to no good when he sees lindile ar­gu­ing with a stranger in the ar­cade on mon­day 15 de­cem­ber.

mur­der at stasie ses

musa ex­plains that lindile’s ex­pe­ri­enc­ing an in­ner strug­gle. “the stranger is one of his old school friends who helped him fi­nan­cially to get where he is to­day.” but un­for­tu­nately zola (jabu hadebe) now ex­pects some­thing in ex­change for the help­ing hand he gave his friend all those years ago: lindile must help him to sell steroids be­cause zola’s in se­ri­ous debt with a no­to­ri­ous debt col­lec­tor named snakes (carlo radebe) – and pay­ment needs to hap­pen ur­gently. lindile has no choice but to agree to help zola, musa ex­plains. “lindile feels he owes zola – that’s why he helps him, no mat­ter how dan­ger­ous it is.”

but by wed­nes­day 17 de­cem­ber, lindile wants to opt out of the shady deal­ings when he re­alises that it’s al­ready cost him his re­la­tion­ship with ag­gie and that it may even pos­si­bly see him los­ing his job. that’s why lindile re­fuses to help zola raise the out­stand­ing r7 000. but it’s not that easy to es­cape loan­sharks and zola stum­bles into stasie ses on thurs­day 18 de­cem­ber, bleed­ing from a stab wound. lindile tries ev­ery­thing to save his friend’s life, but it’s in vain…

lindile won’t be smil­ing much longer.

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