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bold will be re­placed by sa vs West indies test cricket from Wed­nes­day 17 to Fri­day 19 de­cem­ber. thorne and darla’s daugh­ter aly came home, and brooke and Katie turned the ta­bles on bill when he tried to trick Katie into giv­ing back his company.

10 – 12 de­cem­ber

Quinn over­hears bill try­ing to stop Wy­att from break­ing up Liam and Hope and she asks bill why Liam’s hap­pi­ness means more to him that Wy­att’s. brooke pleads with Katie not to let bill get be­tween them again, while Hope wants the fam­ily to bury the hatchet for thanks­giv­ing – even bill. eric warns his thanks­giv­ing guests to be on their best be­hav­iour, bill begs brooke to take him back, and Wy­att and Quinn chat about how much has changed.

15 – 16 de­cem­ber

Guests ar­rive to cel­e­brate thanks­giv­ing as well as rick and Caro­line’s en­gage­ment. the guests try to live up to Hope’s ex­pec­ta­tions but some­times when you have noth­ing nice to say, the best thing to say is noth­ing at all. sparks fly be­tween Pam and Charlie as they whip up a feast in the kitchen and ex­change recipes. rick has a crazy idea, Hope and Liam re­call their failed wed­ding after rick and Caro­line make a shock­ing an­nounce­ment, and Pam and Charlie kiss.

22 – 23 de­cem­ber

Quinn seethes with jeal­ousy after see­ing donna suck honey from eric’s fin­ger and the ladies have a show­down. Hope and aly look on as Liam con­fronts Wy­att about his pur­suit of Hope and Wy­att re­fuses to back down. Wy­att’s chem­istry with Hope is ob­vi­ous in the pho­tos after he forces his way into a Hope For the Fu­ture shoot, while aly tells Liam about the shoot – looks like some­one has a crush of her own… Katie ad­vises Liam on how to get Hope to choose him, and bill goes grov­el­ling to brooke again.

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