Mama’s back

Tau’s mom Zondiwe makes an un­wel­come re­turn to the mo­gale house, but Karabo’s us­ing it to her ad­van­tage.

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au mo­gale (ra­pu­lana seiphemo) isn’t what you’d call a mommy’s boy. in fact, he hates his mother zondiwe (abi­gail kubeka) – not that we blame him, since she did sell him and his sis­ter to a gang­ster for r180 when they were just kids. but he’s about to have to bury the hatchet be­cause guess who’s not just com­ing to din­ner, but to stay and try make up for all those lost years? none other than mommy dear­est.

fam­ily feud

after a heated ar­gu­ment with his wife karabo (con­nie fer­gu­son) on wed­nes­day 21 jan­uary, tau feels that he isn’t up for mak­ing the monthly trip to his mother’s nurs­ing home and sends his anx­ious sis­ter tshidi (le­toya makhene) in­stead. it’s an emo­tional re­union, says abi­gail. “the last time that zondiwe saw her daugh­ter was when she sold both her and tau,” she ex­plains. “she knows that both kids never for­gave her, so she’s elated to see tshidi, but at the same time she’s con­fused and ap­pre­hen­sive.” but as it turns out, time’s healed all wounds and tshidi has come to make amends with her mom, although the sud­den­ness of the sit­u­a­tion makes both ex­tremely un­com­fort­able and sus­pi­cious of one another. but that doesn’t stop tshidi from ex­tend­ing an invitation for her mother to get out of the nurs­ing home for the day.


when the door­bell rings at the mo­gale res­i­dence on mon­day 26 jan­uary, tau’s less than thrilled to see his mother and sis­ter at the door. “tau put zondiwe in a nurs­ing home be­cause even though he feels that she doesn’t de­serve them, he still looks after her from a dis­tance,” says abi­gail. while tau’s not keen to see his mom, karabo’s de­lighted to see her mom-in-law, which gives ruth­less tau an idea: maybe hav­ing zondiwe around will warm karabo up to the idea of be­ing a mom, and more im­por­tantly, for­give him for go­ing be­hind her back by fer­til­is­ing her eggs and im­plant­ing them in his pa mary (denise zimba), their “sur­ro­gate”, in early jan­uary. but karabo has other plans now that mama mo­gale’s in town.

play­ing house

after hear­ing about the surrogacy, zondiwe in­sists on meet­ing mary on tues­day 27 jan­uary and karabo makes her mom-in-law an of­fer that tau loathes but zondiwe’s go­ing to love. “she wants zondiwe to move in with them,” abi­gail says. “this suits zondiwe be­cause she wants to look after the preg­nant mary, who’s car­ry­ing her grand­child.” but she isn’t the only house­guest… in or­der for zondiwe to look after mary, mary must be nearby. as in un­der the same roof. “mary’s black­mail­ing the cou­ple and karabo feels that if she lives with them, she’ll have a tighter leash on mary,” says abi­gail. while karabo thinks that she’s killed two birds with one stone, this could end up be­ing a recipe for dis­as­ter.

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