In the mad­man’s den

How will kid­napped an­zani bar­gain for her life in the dust­bin man’s shack?

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hen an­zani (fulu mu­gov­hani) woke up in bed on fri­day 9 jan­uary to see dust­bin man (mothusi magano) ly­ing there right next to her… well, let’s just say that if we’d been her in that bed, we’d be do­ing a lit­tle late-night load of laun­dry. but an­zani’s made of sterner stuff. she finds him in­trigu­ing as he is terrifying and she brings it up while cud­dling in bed with lerumo (tshepo mos­ese) on wed­nes­day 21 jan­uary. “he could have done a lot of things be­sides choke her or tie her up or gag her. he could have killed or raped her, but he didn’t dis­play sex­ual in­ten­tions at all. noth­ing. zip. that’s odd,” ex­plains fulu. “they start dig­ging for more an­swers so that they can un­der­stand his mo­tive and cal­cu­late his next move.” but the pair have no idea that there’s another head on the pillows with them – again. dust­bin man is lis­ten­ing in via his bug in lerumo’s watch. and when he hears an­zani sug­gest that he might be im­po­tent, dust­bin man’s mask cracks.


an­zani be­lieves that her year’s al­ready go­ing down­hill when she gets a mes­sage from mmadika and ed­die (masech­aba mtolo and sandy mok­wena) to meet them at work on thurs­day 22 jan­uary. heart sink­ing, she parks in the base­ment at nfh be­liev­ing that she’s go­ing to be fired. but the mes­sage is a trap. dust­bin man chlo­ro­forms an­zani and bun­dles

an­zani’s at dust­bin

man’s mercy.

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