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Sussie left town, the peo­ple of the Villa met Sonja, Maryke and Gun­ther, and the con­tent of Astrid’s will shocked every­body.

21 – 22 Jan­uary

Vicky’s tired of Stef’s aloof­ness and de­cides not to wear her en­gage­ment ring any­more. Sonja tries to match­make Mar­ius and Ca­rina, while An­thony makes a shock­ing dis­cov­ery about Maryke and then he gets an up­set­ting SMS. Ca­rina catches Sonja red-handed but is happy when Sonja in­sists on work­ing at Bak­gat again. Stef’s emo­tional when he re­ceives Astrid’s ashes, and the re­sults of the DNA test are re­vealed.

26 – 29 Jan­uary

Sonja’s of­fered the house­keeper po­si­tion, Astrid’s let­ter up­sets Gun­ther, and Stef’s pres­ence in the Villa makes Nico ner­vous. Gun­ther re­alises that he can’t con­tinue run­ning away from his past and later, Fritz warns Stef to stop med­dling in Gun­ther’s past but Stef then makes a shock­ing dis­cov­ery. Mar­ius and Stef both try to get their hands on Gun­ther’s shares but Fritz has other plans. Vicky has a heart-to-heart talk with Stef, while Maryke plays a dan­ger­ous game with An­thony. Is­abel makes an ob­ser­va­tion about Maryke, while Sonja con­fesses some­thing to Eben and he prom­ises to safe­guard her se­cret. Nico tries to win back the Villa Rosers’ trust and wants to make an ally out of Gun­ther, while Sonja does her best in the kitchen, but is it enough?

2 – 3 fe­bru­ary

Sonja’s ig­no­rance in the kitchen quickly catches up with her, and else­where Fritz en­cour­ages Stef to con­tact Vicky but Stef isn’t ready. Stef con­fronts Nico about his past and later, Stef strug­gles to make head or tails of Gun­ther. Mar­ius talks to Vicky about her fu­ture, and Fritz and Stef have a se­ri­ous chat about the im­por­tant things in life. Mean­while, Nico tries to ma­nip­u­late Gun­ther.

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