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The Cassie im­poster’s true iden­tity was re­vealed, and Cane re­alised that Devon’s in love with Hi­lary.

21 – 23 Jan­uary

Avery re­ceives a ro­man­tic sur­prise, and Paul and Chris­tine come to an im­por­tant decision. Stitch is wor­ried that Kelly will re­veal his se­cret, while Vic­to­ria’s hid­ing a se­cret of her own from Billy. Dy­lan has a tense en­counter with Ian, while Chloe and Billy’s evening takes a shock­ing turn. Then Sum­mer ac­cuses Jack of cheat­ing on Phyl­lis.

26 – 30 Jan­uary

Sharon con­fronts Mariah, and Vic­tor won’t say sorry to Nikki but he does some­thing to sur­prise her. Vic­to­ria con­sid­ers telling Billy the truth, Avery wants to quit her cook­ing show, and Dy­lan and Nikki bond. Ian and Vic­tor have a tense en­counter, and Vic­to­ria asks her doc­tor when she can learn her baby’s pa­ter­nity. Tyler’s up­set with Abby for not telling him about Maria, and Lily won­ders what Hi­lary’s up to. Sharon gets hyp­no­tised so that she can re­mem­ber her se­cret, and Jack tries to make things right with Kelly. Mean­while, Abby fig­ures out a way to get rid of Mariah, and the Fisher-Bald­wins meet for a fam­ily din­ner at the Ath­letic Club, where Glo­ria gives Chloe an idea and Kevin dis­cusses his mar­riage with Michael and Lau­ren.

2 – 3 fe­bru­ary

Chloe’s plan hits a snag, and Kelly asks Lily to set her up with a date. Colin de­mands that Jill let him out the at­tic, while Vic­tor asks Jill if she’s be­hind his re­cent trou­bles. Jack then works out that Nikki left Vic­tor be­cause of what he did to Sharon.

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