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when you say gotham (2014-cur­rent), most peo­ple think of bat­man. but in this hot sci-fi se­ries, fans are drawn to oswald cob­ble­pot (aka the pen­guin). and un­like his iconic character, ac­tor robin lord tay­lor isn’t as well known. so who’s the guy be­hind the wad­dling mr cob­ble­pot?

robin’s ex­tremely pri­vate and only re­vealed dur­ing a re­cent in­ter­view that he’s mar­ried. how­ever, de­spite hav­ing been to­gether for over 10 years and hav­ing been mar­ried for just over three years, robin re­fuses to re­veal his wife’s name. he also hasn’t made his age pub­lic. in or­der to per­fect the pen­guin’s odd walk, robin places a metal bot­tle cap in one of his shoes. robin’s nose isn’t as pointy as pen­guin’s in gotham. it’s ac­tu­ally a pros­thetic and takes the make-up team about 45 min­utes to ap­ply. robin’s ac­tu­ally a blonde and has to dye his hair black ev­ery two weeks for the role. the first per­son to find out that robin got the role of oswald was the room ser­vice lady at the ho­tel he was stay­ing at. “i just had to tell this woman that i booked a show! i got to share that mo­ment with her. it was re­ally awe­some,” he ad­mits with a laugh. at school, he was called bee­nie boy. “i don’t know where it came from, but, man, i was so an­noyed by it.” his neph­ews still taunt him with the name. robin’s a cat lover – his own fe­line finn is his phone wall­pa­per and has be­come a bit of a celeb on robin’s twit­ter ac­count @robin­lord­tay­lor. carol kane, the ac­tress who plays robin’s mom in gotham, lives two blocks away from him in new york. he’s wanted to work with her for years. he loves watch­ing judge judy (1996cur­rent), the walk­ing dead (2010cur­rent) and game of thrones (2011cur­rent). he was in two episodes of walk­ing dead (in sea­sons 4 and 5) as sam, one of the guys killed at ter­mi­nus.

robin lord tay­lor’s brought a brand-new look and feel to gotham’s pen­guin character.

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