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Vuzu Amp’s first lo­cal drama se­ries ayeye is set in the high-stakes world of ad­ver­tis­ing.

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it might not be mad men (2007-cur­rent), but new drama se­ries ayeye also takes place in an ad­ver­tis­ing agency. but there are dif­fer­ences: ayeye is 100% lo­cal drama, it’s set in mod­ern-day joburg and cen­tres around three pals and room­mates jk, lebo and neo. the trio share a loft apart­ment in the heart of joburg’s mabo­neng precinct and work for a hot­shot sand­ton ad agency. over the next 12 weeks, we’ll get to see what makes th­ese ad ex­ecs tick as they try to jug­gle their work and per­sonal lives. be­fore that though, let’s get to know the mad main men a bit bet­ter…

Jacaranda “Jk”

played by thapelo mokoena tell us about jk. he’s the cre­ative di­rec­tor and the head of the trio. he has a thor­ough con­vic­tion of where they’re go­ing ca­reer­wise and on a so­cial level. he’s from a rich fam­ily and he works at his dad’s ad agency with his friends neo and lebo. jk’s also a ladies’ man, a go-get­ter and a dreamer. so have you played any­one like him be­fore? ab­so­lutely not. he’s a driven young man with a zest for life, but the al­co­hol and drug as­pect of it is some­thing new. they see him through the bright­est of days and the dark­est of the nights. he has a clear pic­ture of who he is and where he’s go­ing. he’s a bal­ance of the other two guys and is slightly more se­ri­ous. what’s the best part about play­ing him? there are a lot of sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween the two of us. he is where i was two years ago, so i re­late to his jour­ney. he’s a young man about to be­come the best or the worst ver­sion of him­self.


played by sthem­biso “sk” khoza how’s the tran­si­tion from vuzu pre­sen­ter to ac­tor been? it’s been awe­some. it’s tricky though, once you start do­ing other things when you’ve al­ready es­tab­lished your­self. peo­ple start to won­der if it’s tal­ent or star power that’s get­ting you roles. so how did you get the part? i au­di­tioned 17 times for this role and it’s my first lead role, so i’m glad it’s a re­lat­able character. both neo and i are dads, but he’s a player, which i’m not. what at­tracted me to the character is that there’s more to him than just the fun side. who is neo and what makes him tick? he’s the cre­ative pho­tog­ra­pher and the fun party guy who al­ways knows what’s hot on the so­cial scene. but he’s not al­ways the freak peo­ple make him out to be be­cause of his parental re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and tak­ing care of his grand­mother. plus, he’s al­ways half-naked [laughs]. i re­ally don’t mind hav­ing my shirt off all the time. view­ers are go­ing to re­late to him be­cause they ei­ther want to be him or al­ready are him. i think they’re go­ing to like him the most of the three lead char­ac­ters.


played by mpho “popps” modikoane you’re a co­me­dian – does that re­flect in lebo? yes! he’s a copy­writer by trade but an undis­cov­ered co­me­dian be­hind the scenes, like i was be­fore i was pushed into the lime­light by my sis­ter. lebo’s a geeky guy from a small fam­ily who’s quirky, shy and has el­e­ments of com­edy in him. he’s quick­wit­ted, cre­ative and is a good friend. and he’s funny with­out even try­ing. do you re­late to him? fully, be­cause lebo was me a cou­ple of years ago. for me to be here, i had to be pushed and it took a lot for me to do stand-up. lebo’s tal­ented, but his con­ser­va­tive, staunchly christian par­ents have kept him on the straight and nar­row life path, so he holds back when peo­ple say that he’s funny. why did you de­cide to au­di­tion for the role? bomb pro­duc­tions is the hbo of south africa, so just au­di­tion­ing for them is awe­some. i used to be a copy­writer with stage­fright and i’m geeky, so i was like “this is me!” neo isn’t a party guy, he’s un­lucky in love and he’s broke. but at least he’s good at his job.

Jacaranda “Jk” (thapelo mokoena)

neo (sthem­biso khoza)

lebo (mpho modikoane)

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