sa star carl beukes talks an­gels!

carl beukes tells us how he almost had his an­gel wings clipped in his sci-fi se­ries do­min­ion.

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do­min­ion’s (2014-cur­rent) ar­changel gabriel doesn’t have flow­ing golden locks. his dark hair is slicked back and in­stead of pluck­ing a harp, this winged killer wields a ra­zor-sharp sword. he de­spises hu­man­ity and won’t think twice about putting peo­ple on the ex­tinc­tion list. south african ac­tor carl beukes (who played paul mcpher­son in isidingo be­tween 2004 and 2009 and dy­lan fourie in bin­nelanders in 2010 and 2011) plays gabriel, but the ac­tor almost didn’t make the cut for do­min­ion, which might be a us se­ries but it was ac­tu­ally filmed in cape town.

there was a chance that we wouldn’t see you as gabriel. what hap­pened? i au­di­tioned for a few roles but never for gabriel in the pi­lot episode. they gave me gabriel for the pi­lot, but i’m sure they were in­tend­ing to re­cast if the sea­son was picked up. gabriel’s screen­time in the pi­lot was minis­cule so they could give it to an un­known south african ac­tor as it was cheaper than fly­ing a star out here for only a few days. in fact, in the scenes they cov­ered my head with a cloak so the au­di­ence never prop­erly saw my face. so how did you end up as gabriel? i got an email from one of the pro­duc­ers ex­plain­ing that if do­min­ion wasn’t picked up, they’d want to trans­form the pi­lot into a tv movie. to do this, they would need gabriel to ex­plain what wasn’t ex­plained in the pi­lot. i was sent a mono­logue to read. the next morn­ing, i read the lines for scott ste­wart, who di­rected the movie le­gion (2010) which do­min­ion is based on and he stood up and applauded me. he asked me to do it again and gave me another stand­ing ova­tion. a few days later, do­min­ion se­ries cre­ator vaun wil­mott emailed me. he said that he loved my mono­logue. the se­ries was picked up and i was of­fered the role. that’s pretty cool! so who is gabriel? he was the mes­sen­ger of god and the old­est and wis­est an­gel. he was the ar­changel who told mary of nazareth that she was go­ing to give birth to je­sus. and why does he hate hu­mans so much? gabriel comes from a place of love.

love for his fa­ther and his fam­ily, and love for the world. he used to love hu­mans too, but the more they be­trayed god, the more his love faded. the bond be­tween him and his fa­ther was bro­ken and gabriel now be­lieves that it was be­cause of hu­mans. so his anger to­wards hu­mankind stems from aban­don­ment and be­trayal. in do­min­ion, there’s no love lost be­tween gabriel and his ar­changel brother michael (tom

wis­dom). tell us more… after god de­cided to leave the world and its an­gels to their own de­vices, gabriel be­lieved that the only way to please his fa­ther and bring him back is to wipe out the hu­man race and start again. he almost suc­ceeds, but michael be­lieves in and loves the hu­mans. he stands up for and pro­tects them from gabriel and his army.

did you do your own stunts? there were one or two stunts that i wasn’t al­lowed to be part of where a stunt dou­ble stepped in, but in gen­eral, i like to do my own stunts. most of your sa fans re­mem­ber you from isidingo. do you still watch the soapie? i wish i had the time. i catch bits and pieces at home and it’s al­ways good to see my old friends like the great robert white­head (barker) and lee­anda reddy (priya) still charm­ing the hori­zon deep screen.

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