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Mulim­isi spoke to Azwin­dini about his con­cerns with Ndalamo’s at­ti­tude, James and Nonny hit the dance­floor, Busi and her pro­fes­sor went on a date.

4 – 6 fe­bru­ary

Than­daza turns to her dad for an­swers, and James re­alises that maybe he’s not al­ways right. Mulim­isi warns Ndalamo about the women in his life as his world’s turned up­side down by forces he can’t con­trol. James forces Busi to in­vite a stranger into his house, but luck­ily for her, the pro­fes­sor makes a good im­pres­sion on James and Ntha­be­leng, and Than­daza’s con­cern in­creases un­til Mankosi makes a rev­e­la­tion to her about the past. Then Ndalamo’s legs be­come paral­ysed overnight; is this the work of those an­ces­tors that he doesn’t be­lieve in?

9 – 13 fe­bru­ary

Ntha­be­leng gives Ndalamo his test re­sults, while Mankosi’s van­ished. Upon her re­turn, she asks Than­daza to stop try­ing to fix a past that’s dead and buried, but Than­daza ends up push­ing her mom over the edge. Ndalamo wants to go to the US for as­sis­tance but Gizara for­bids him. Ndalamo tells Mulim­isi what he must do if he wants him to re­pent, while James gets the wrong end of the stick and un­wit­tingly ru­ins things for Busi. Mankosi fi­nally gets Than­daza to back off but it’s not go­ing to last long, then Mulim­isi heals Ndalamo but warns him of the long road ahead.

16 – 17 fe­bru­ary

Busi re­alises that she’s dug her­self into a very dan­ger­ous hole and it’s only get­ting deeper. And emo­tions run high when Mankosi’s forced to con­front a past that she’d rather for­get.

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