Mommy’s re­venge

Them­beka might win this bat­tle, but layla’s heart is set on win­ning the war.

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Layla (natasha suther­land) has been ask­ing a lot of ques­tions lately and she gets her an­swers when she gets her hands on vincent (itu­mu­leng mo­ro­bela) on thurs­day 12 fe­bru­ary. she re­ally should have known that them­beka (masasa mban­geni) was the one who set up quin­ton (brighton ngoma) to walk in on her hav­ing sex with to­dani (les­ley musina) in novem­ber last year. “this means war!” says natasha. “it’s ripped her life to pieces. she’s lost her job, she’s been pub­licly hu­mil­i­ated and worst of all, it was her son who walked in on her, so layla’s fac­ing that shame and that em­bar­rass­ment. it’s not even be­trayal – it’s just out-and­out war now.”

board­room beat­down

layla walks into the board­room on fri­day 13 fe­bru­ary de­ter­mined to open quin­ton’s eyes. it’s not just her word against them­beka’s; she has back-up. but an un­ex­pected be­trayal soon has her floun­der­ing, torn be­tween out­rage at her en­emy and a des­per­ate need to make her son see the truth. “she’s fear­ful of her in­flu­ence over him. she rocks back and forth be­tween at­tack­ing them­beka and plead­ing with quin­ton. it was a very in­ter­est­ing scene to film be­cause i couldn’t just un­leash the hounds of hell; i had to rock be­tween th­ese two emo­tions,” natasha ex­plains.

down, but not out

after a hu­mil­i­at­ing beat­down on fri­day, it’s time for layla to re­think her strat­egy. “she feels like her bond with her son is di­lut­ing and she’s also feel­ing alien­ated be­cause of them­beka and quin­ton be­ing to­gether, so she has no one to lean against,” says natasha. but them­beka shouldn’t throw her­self a vic­tory party just yet be­cause mommy’s not done with her. layla can’t just go away to a se­cret is­land and train up like bat­man or emily thorne (emily van­camp) from re­venge (2011-cur­rent), although with quin­ton’s safety at stake, she’s go­ing to have to stay home and be sneaky…

layla lays low

“after the fight, get­ting them­beka is no longer the pin­na­cle of what she’s try­ing to do,” says natasha. “layla does a 180de­gree turn with her plan and re­sorts to schem­ing. sur­vival be­comes im­por­tant to her – sur­vival in terms of sta­tus and try­ing to build up her power base. she’s try­ing to gain foot­ing, eco­nomic free­dom, some sense of self. and them­beka is the trig­ger for her to do that… layla’s almost stripped of ev­ery­thing and what does a woman do when she has almost noth­ing to lose? it makes her quite scary,” hints natasha. here’s what layla does… sur­vive: “she’s made ‘be a sur­vivor’ her mantra. she’s try­ing to toughen up.” lay low: “she tries her best not to rise up against them­beka’s taunts. she just takes it all. she’s her son’s pa, which she ad­mits is rather hu­mil­i­at­ing but layla takes the job while she can.” make al­lies: “they’re the last two peo­ple that you’d put in a box to­gether,” re­veals natasha. thanks to a scan­dal! in­sider, we can tell you that it’ll be layla and lu­cas (sello maake ka ncube) plot­ting away… tar­get the en­emy’s weak points: “them­beka, be­ing am­bi­tious with almost no scru­ples, must have a lot of se­crets in her closet. if layla can’t find any­thing, she’ll make some­thing up,” jokes natasha.

we won­der which of the skele­tons rat­tling in them­beka’s cup­board will come tum­bling out this time…

Quin­ton’s caught be­tween two very dan­ger­ous women.

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