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Vicky grew tired of Stef’s aloof­ness, and Sonja was try­ing her level best in the kitchen.

4 – 5 fe­bru­ary

Nico’s play­ing Gun­ther and Fritz, while Stef’s still in a dark place and sur­prises Gun­ther with a gift. Maryke ma­nip­u­lates An­thony but Is­abel is keep­ing a watchful eye. Stef wants to get rid of Astrid’s ashes, Nico flirts with Sonja, and Gun­ther’s child­hood mem­o­ries be­gin to slowly resur­face.

9 – 12 fe­bru­ary

Nico tries to follow through with Astrid’s plan, and money dis­ap­pears from Is­abel’s purse. Ca­rina’s life feels empty, while Gun­ther makes Is­abel an at­trac­tive of­fer. Louw’s still ill, and Stef’s up­set when Mar­ius sleeps over in the loft to help Vicky. Nico makes sure that Sonja stays on his side, and Maryke apol­o­gises to Is­abel about the money mis­un­der­stand­ing. Eben dis­cov­ers sus­pi­cious info about Nico, and Stef makes shock­ing ac­cu­sa­tions. An­thony tries to wan­gle a cheaper room for Maryke, and Gun­ther and Nico play cat-and-mouse games that leave Eben caught in the mid­dle.

16 – 17 fe­bru­ary

Stef apol­o­gises for his be­hav­iour dur­ing the meet­ing, and Maryke is con­fi­dent that her plan will work. An­thony ig­nores Is­abel’s warn­ings, while Sonja’s up­set with Nico and he tries to win back her trust. And Gun­ther and Mar­ius get into a fight over Is­abel’s shares.

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