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09:30 En­der’s Game (M-Net) sci-fi. a group of gifted teens are re­cruited by a spe­cial task force with one goal: to re­pel the at­tack of an alien horde. but this is no or­di­nary ex­tra-ter­res­trial race: they’ve been to earth be­fore and this time they won’t leave the planet un­less ev­ery hu­man is dead. luck­ily for mankind, the teens in ques­tion might have what it takes to de­feat their en­e­mies, if the young­sters are able to hone their skills. har­ri­son ford, asa but­ter­field, abi­gail bres­lin (2013) (pg13). 00:00 & 03:20 Do­minick Dunne’s 919 fifth Av­enue ( drama. a fa­mous bi­og­ra­pher re­searches a prom­i­nent fam­ily fol­low­ing a mur­der be­cause he sus­pects that a fam­ily mem­ber was some­how in­volved in the crime and he’s de­ter­mined to get to the bot­tom of the mur­der mys­tery. barry bost­wick, noelle beck (2000) (pg). 02:00 be­fore Mid­night (M-Net) drama. mar­ried cou­ple jesse and ce­line re­flect on their lives and their re­la­tion­ship while hol­i­day­ing in greece, nearly 20 years after a chance en­counter on a train. ethan hawke, julie de­ply (2013) (pg13).

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en­der’s game m-net 09:30 do­minick dunne’s 919 fifth

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