Three’s a crowd

Lelo wants to ruin her roomie’s life, but will she get away with wreck­ing sakhile and enhle’s “per­fect” re­la­tion­ship?

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aving put her drama with kwaito (cle­ment maosa) be­hind her last month, lelo (amanda du-pont) has a new pet project: break­ing up her roomie enhle (natasha tha­hane) and sakhile (ni­cholas nkuna). be­fore you go judg­ing her, it’s not that lelo wants to cause trou­ble – she’s try­ing to play the good guy here… sav­ing your friends from hor­ri­ble boyfriends is what girls do for each other, right? ex­cept lelo’s the one that enhle needs sav­ing from!

besties for never

with the var­sity at full ca­pac­ity, lelo no longer has an en­tire room to her­self to get up to no good like she did at tur­floop uni­ver­sity last year. but hav­ing a sweet, pretty room­mate with what ap­pears to be the per­fect life sees lelo shar­ing her space with some­one to her ad­van­tage. and enhle’s ripe for the pick­ing. “she gen­uinely likes lelo,” says natasha. “she con­sid­ers her a big sis­ter and we all need peo­ple to guide you dur­ing your first year.” lelo’s more ex­pe­ri­enced in the var­sity cir­cuit, but for the wrong rea­sons as enhle’s about to find out when things get heated be­tween her, lelo and sakhile on wed­nes­day 18 fe­bru­ary. “snakes don’t hiss any­more,” re­veals natasha. and lelo plays the role per­fectly as she plants the seed of doubt in enhle’s mind about her boyfriend that she’ll find hard to root out.


at the same time, kwaito’s roomie emkay (mlungisi mathe) is smit­ten with lelo as she con­tin­ues to stir in enhle and sakhile’s re­la­tion­ship. lelo hits the sweet­spot on fri­day 20 fe­bru­ary when her poi­sonous words about per­fect-guy sakhile seep through enhle’s loved-up ex­te­rior. “she stands her ground when lelo bad-mouths sakhile be­cause she’s known him for a long time. they’re child­hood sweet­hearts and enhle knows that he’d take a bul­let for her,” says natasha. “but there’s her friend­ship with lelo. she’s caught in the mid­dle be­tween her boy and her bestie.”

ni­cholas adds that while “they’re a nice ex­am­ple of a good re­la­tion­ship, lelo makes their union – which was re­cently sealed with a prom­ise ring – seem shaky by con­vinc­ing enhle to ex­plore and not be stuck with an ‘old guy’ (enhle’s 19 and he’s 26)”. but what about the boyfriend who’s not set a foot wrong and can’t un­der­stand why his girl­friend’s be­ing so off­ish all of a sud­den? “he’s a smart man and lelo’s be­hav­iour is a dead give­away of her in­ten­tions,” says ni­cholas.

one wrong move

af­ter con­fronting lelo, sakhile’s left at her mercy on mon­day 2 march. if he doesn’t let enhle break up with him, lelo will show enhle ev­i­dence of his cheat­ing ways. and that ev­i­dence? lacy red panties that lelo “found”. she gets her way de­spite sakhile be­ing onto her and later that day, lelo has enhle cry­ing on her shoul­der while lelo se­cretly ma­nip­u­lates sakhile. the point of this? “i think lelo just doesn’t want to see any­one happy,” says amanda. “mis­ery loves com­pany.”

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