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Bernardo re­vealed his lovechild, Juan Mar­cos looked for a new body­guard to keep an eye on Gé­ne­sis, and Laura learnt El Ver­dugo’s iden­tity.

18 – 20 fe­bru­ary

Miguel re­alises that El Ver­dugo’s men are tail­ing him but he’s still determined to marry Fabi­ola. Mo­ments be­fore the cou­ple make things of­fi­cial, Fabi­ola goes miss­ing. Juan Mar­cos trav­els to Colom­bia to find El Ver­dugo, then Án­gela’s fears prove to be jus­ti­fied when Juan Mar­cos fails to make con­tact once he lands in Colom­bia.

23 – 27 fe­bru­ary

Ev­ery­one’s shocked by Sa­man­tha’s coma, while Án­gela hasn’t heard from Juan Mar­cos and might go to Colom­bia. Mean­while, Miguel’s thrilled when he finds info on Fabi­ola’s where­abouts, Fer­nanda is lov­ing the idea of Án­gela hav­ing sleep­less nights over Juan Mar­cos’s safety, and we find out that El Ver­dugo’s men have Juan Mar­cos. Sa­man­tha and Willy are stunned that Ber­na­dita is their daugh­ter, El Ver­dugo puts moves on a re­pulsed Fabi­ola, and Miguel is once again taken cap­tive by Ringo.

2 – 3 march

Adri­ano wants to know more about his son, and Ka­rina’s caught off-guard when Ra­mon asks her to marry him. Mean­while, Blanca meets up with Mar­i­ana to tell her all about Adri­ano’s search, and Raquel and Ed­uardo end up in a fight.

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