Ste­fano pre­pares to bring the house down on his enemies.

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Ste­fano DiMera (Joseph Mas­colo) is not amused. He sends a threat­en­ing mes­sage to John and Hope (Drake Ho­gestyn and Kris­tian Al­fonso) on Wed­nes­day 20 May – ei­ther the pair re­turn the coin from his Anas­ta­sia Egg or some­one they love will die. And it’s no idle threat. Spooked, John starts ar­rang­ing for Mar­lena (Dei­dre Hall), Bo (Peter Reck­ell) and Hope’s pro­tec­tion and Ciara (Lau­ren Boles) is sent out of town. And Ro­man (Josh Tay­lor) packs the lot of them away to a safe house, with help from Car­rie and Rafe (Christie Clark and Galen Ger­ing) on Thurs­day 21 May. But lit­tle do they know that they’re walk­ing into a trap…


A lion is never more danger­ous than when it’s wounded. On Fri­day 15 May, Ste­fano is dev­as­tated when he learns that his daugh­ter Lexie (Re­nee Jones) is dy­ing and why he’s re­spon­si­ble. When his dou­ble-agent on the ISA team, Agent Har­mon (Matt Riedy), re­veals where Hope, John, Bo and Mar­lena are go­ing on Thurs­day 21 May, Ste­fano or­ders Har­mon to “deal” with his enemies – and he doesn’t care how. So Agent Har­mon sim­ply rigs the safe house to blow sky high the in­stant any­one opens a door or win­dow.


Luck­ily Rafe spots the prob­lem in the nick of time on Mon­day 25 May. But they’re trapped now… and there’s no cell sig­nal, so the cou­ples must find a way to com­mu­ni­cate with the out­side world. On Tues­day 26 May, Hope gets a mes­sage to Ro­man and an old friend ar­rives to help – ISA Agent Shane Dono­van (Charles Shaugh­nessy), who un­wit­tingly sets off the count­down to their doom and a gi­ant ka­boom.

“There we are, try­ing to defuse a bomb, rain­ing curses on Ste­fano,” jokes Charles. “I was a lit­tle bit con­fused as to what ex­actly was go­ing on other than Ste­fano was try­ing to blow ev­ery­one up again, though it seemed to be par for the course. We never re­ally knew what was go­ing on in the old days.”


Ste­fano dumped Kate and made Sami the boss of Wil­helmina, Bo came out of his coma, and Lexie’s half-brother Cameron ar­rived in Salem.

13 – 15 MAY

Car­rie dreams of wak­ing up in bed with Rafe, while Ian makes Kate and Madi­son co-CEOs of Mad World. Lu­cas agrees to be Sami’s ally against Kate af­ter his fi­ancée dumps him, and Ste­fano’s dev­as­tated when he finds out that he might be re­spon­si­ble for Lexie’s tu­mour when spe­cial­ist Dr Yu tells Lexie that she has weeks to live. Mean­while, the code on the coin from the Anas­ta­sia Egg con­tains the name Yvette.

18 – 22 MAY

Abe and EJ both vow re­venge on Ste­fano, and Ce­leste warns Cameron to stay away from Abby. Car­rie over­hears Rafe vow­ing his com­mit­ment to Ni­cole and “their” baby, Bil­lie and EJ try to find out what Ste­fano’s re­ally up to, and Ro­man and the ISA ar­range pro­tec­tion for John, Mar­lena, Bo and Hope, while Ciara’s sent out of town. EJ then finds the doc­u­ment re­veal­ing that he isn’t Ste­fano’s bi­o­log­i­cal son.

25 – 26 MAY

Rafe re­alises that the safe house is a death trap, and Kate’s re­volted when she re­alises that Lu­cas and Sami have just had sex. EJ and Ste­fano have a chat about EJ not be­ing a real DiMera, Shane Dono­van ar­rives in Salem, and a phonecall re­veals that Ian’s up to no good.

Shane and Ro­man look on as evil Ste­fano’s plan blows up be­fore them.

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