When it comes to vil­lains, the WWE’s got loads of bad guys…

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The WWE’s not for sissies – there are bumps, bruises, bro­ken bones and worst of all, de­feats in the ring. But th­ese Su­per­stars take pride in dish­ing out pain and suf­fer­ing to their op­po­nents… and they’re bril­liantly good at be­ing bad.


He’s called The Viper for a rea­son: when Randy sees an op­por­tu­nity, he strikes with venom. And that’s usu­ally in the form of his RKO move that’s guar­an­teed to drop his op­po­nent on the spot. When the red mist sets in, he’s like a caged an­i­mal that’s been set free and he goes on the attack – and he doesn’t stop un­til he gets what he wants: to­tal and ut­ter car­nage. Fin­ish­ing moves: RKO, Head Punt Bad­dest mo­ment: hand­cuff­ing Triple H to the ropes in 2013 and giv­ing Stephanie McMa­hon an RKO (he gave her an RKO in 2009 too).


The WWE’s strong­est man has a bad at­ti­tude and a worse tem­per. Re­mem­ber his Hall Of Pain in 2011 and 2012? He used a chair to in­jure Su­per­stars like The Big Show, Kane and John Cena, leav­ing them in a heap in the mid­dle of the ring.

Fin­ish­ing moves: Bearhug, World’s Strong­est Slam

Bad­dest mo­ment: throw­ing big boys like The Great Khali and Kane (both over 150kg) around in 2008 like rag­dolls.


He’s big, fast, strong and the Cere­bral As­sas­sin is a mas­ter of his craft. He knows his op­po­nents’ weakspots be­fore they do and he has the per­fect move to use against each one. Plus, Triple H isn’t averse to us­ing chairs, steel stairs, trash bins and a sledge­ham­mer to win.

Fin­ish­ing move: The


Bad­dest mo­ment: at­tack­ing his best pal Shawn “The Heart­break Kid” Michaels with his sledge­ham­mer dur­ing their Street­fight match at the 2002 Sum­merSlam payper-view spe­cial.


Since his de­but in 1990, The Phe­nom has been the bad­dest dog in the yard. He’s re­lent­less, pow­er­ful, huge (2.08m tall and 140kg) and a mas­ter of sub­mis­sions – when his op­po­nents are locked in the Hell’s Gate move, they ei­ther sub­mit or get knocked out cold. The De­mon From Death Val­ley is not a wrestler you want to toy with – he’ll break you, phys­i­cally and men­tally.

Fin­ish­ing moves: Tomb­stone Piledriver, Devil’s Tri­an­gle, The Last Ride

Bad­dest mo­ment: be­sides “ris­ing from the dead” ev­ery time an op­po­nent thinks that they’ve got him, The Un­der­taker led The Min­istry Of Dark­ness in 1999 and had his min­ions stalk and kid­nap Stephanie McMa­hon, then tie her to a cross be­fore Taker “mar­ried” her.


The WWE CEO grew up want­ing to be a wrestler and he took ad­van­tage of that in the mid- to late’90s with his char­ac­ter Mr McMa­hon. He was evil and he was a cheat, but most of all, Mr McMa­hon was the guy fans loved to hate be­cause, well, he was a mas­ter vil­lain.

Fin­ish­ing moves: Atomic Leg Drop, The Pedi­gree

Bad­dest mo­ment: take your pick: feud­ing with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in ’97, hav­ing The Min­istry kid­nap Stephanie, be­ing in­dicted by the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment dur­ing a steroid in­ves­ti­ga­tion in the early ’90s, his “Kiss My Ass Club” in 2000…

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