How far is Tshidi will­ing to go to keep her hubby Gadaffi away from his mis­tress Kar­ishma?

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Hey tv­plus. Are we ever go­ing to see Mr Sokhulu again on Gen­er­a­tions?

– MATHAPELO, MO­BISITE We are. The char­ac­ter is just re­cov­er­ing from the beat­ing that Cosmo (Ron­nie Nyakale) gave him a few weeks ago af­ter find­ing out about his af­fair with Namhla (Thulisile Phongolo). But he’ll be back from Tues­day 2 June when he re­ceives an alarm­ing call from one of his stu­dents. And it isn’t Namhla…


Kar­ishma (Ta­rina Pa­tel) has been a thorn in Tshidi’s (Le­toya Makhene) side since her fling with Gadaffi (Vuyo Dab­ula) be­gan in March. But now it’s be­com­ing more than just a fling and on Thurs­day 14 May, af­ter cry­ing her­self to sleep over her hubby’s in­dis­cre­tions the night be­fore, Tshidi de­cides that it’s time to bring out the big guns in this war.

“Be­fore Kar­ishma, she’d never had to deal with Gadaffi cheat­ing,” says Le­toya. “It kills her. De­spite their fiery re­la­tion­ship and what Gadaffi does to her – slap­ping her around and be­ing mean – she loves him.” So off to Mama Tshidi goes on Thurs­day 14 May and what does Zondiwe (Abigail Kubeka) sug­gest? A lit­tle help from a herbal­ist…


“This isn’t the first time that her mom brings up the tra­di­tional healer, but this time Tshidi’s bro­ken and finds no other way,” says Le­toya. “All her other ef­forts have failed, so she gets the num­ber from her mom’s friend on Thurs­day 14 May and makes the call.” Upon her re­turn, Tshidi sets her plan in mo­tion, us­ing muti on both Kar­ishma and Gadaffi. And it seems to work!

“Kar­ishma be­comes painfully an­noy­ing, while Gadaffi falls head over heels for Tshidi all over again,” Le­toya says. Sounds like the per­fect recipe to not only keep her man away from his mis­tress, but to get all the at­ten­tion that she’s been miss­ing while he’s been canoodling with the en­emy. The only prob­lem is that it’s work­ing a lit­tle too well. “He be­comes clingy and it all be­comes a bit too much for Tshidi, so she stops us­ing the muti,” Le­toya says. But then Gadaffi re­turns to Kar­ishma al­most im­me­di­ately and Tshidi’s back to square one by the time that Fri­day 15 May rolls round.


It’s not long be­fore Tshidi de­vises an­other plan – this time us­ing some­thing a lit­tle less tra­di­tional to do a lot more dam­age. On Mon­day 18 May, Tshidi vis­its Lucy (Manaka Ranaka) and asks for a lit­tle drug-re­lated favour: she wants to get hold of some med­i­ca­tion that’ll dull her hus­band’s in­sa­tiable sex drive. “She takes away his man­hood and be­comes the only one who can make him feel like a man,” says Le­toya. While Gadaffi suf­fers the hu­mil­i­a­tion of not be­ing able to sat­isfy his mis­tress, Tshidi en­joys watch­ing him go through this and makes him feel okay when they’re in bed to­gether. Mean­while, Kar­ishma is less than pleased with the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion.


By Thurs­day 21 May, Tshidi’s plan is work­ing and while Gadaffi isn’t great in bed, at least he’s shar­ing just their bed. “Tshidi did re­search on the med­i­ca­tion be­fore giv­ing it to him, so she knows it’s not per­ma­nent,” says Le­toya. And she’s not done with Kar­ishma yet. To cel­e­brate her suc­cess­ful ploy, Tshidi and Zondiwe have lunch at the diner where Kar­ishma works and com­plain about her ser­vice to the manager, who then fires her. Kar­ishma later shows up at Tshidi’s doorstep that evening ask­ing for Gadaffi’s help to get her job back. “I mean, how dare she?” says Le­toya. Tshidi is fed up and when Gadaffi’s asleep, she pays Kar­ishma a visit and that doesn’t end well…

Mr Sokhulu’s on his way back to our screens.

Tshidi’s got a plan to tame her wild hubby.

Kar­ishma won’t be smil­ing when Tshidi’s re­venge plan kicks in.

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