Fa­tal warn­ing? Muzi buries his wife & son alive

Muzi teaches his wife and son a les­son – us­ing a gun and a shovel!

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Seething with rage, Muzi Xulu (Mpumelelo Bhu­lose) holds his wife Lindiwe (Dawn Than­deka King) and son Mx­olisi (Naymaps Mapha­lala) at gun­point on Tues­day 9 June. He forces them both into a shal­low grave and shov­els dirt over them as they cry out in ter­ror. Mx­olisi and Lindiwe have been try­ing to hide the fact that Muzi’s busi­ness part­ner in the car deal­er­ship Richard Davis (Zahir Bassa) has taken the money and run, and now Muzi’s go­ing to make sure that they never dou­ble cross him again. “I was shocked that he was go­ing to such ex­tremes,” ad­mits Mpumelelo. It’s a chill­ing re­minder that while Muzi looks like a nor­mal dot­ing dad, he prob­a­bly fought his way to the top of his hi­jack­ing gang by teach­ing ri­vals a “les­son” in a very sim­i­lar way.


Even so, Muzi’s vi­o­lent re­ac­tion seems ex­treme. “I think that it was a mo­ment of vul­ner­a­bil­ity,” ex­plains Mpumelelo. “He trusted his kid and his wife nagged him to back his kid up, so he let his guard down. His whole thing is if you can bring some­body to take my money from me, you could let some­body into the fam­ily to kill me, so I need to teach th­ese guys so that they never bring an en­emy through th­ese doors again.” He’s still re­lieved to see Mx­olisi and Lindiwe walk through the front door drip­ping dirt later that evening. “The first thing that he says is, ‘Are you leav­ing?’ And some­one who’s watch­ing will be like, ‘Huh? You just buried them!’ But that’s still my wife and kid, so it’s that kind of love within that fam­ily.”


While Muzi’s tac­tics are shock­ing, they aren’t alien to Mpumelelo. “I’ve grown up with guys that I’ve known to be like Muzi’s char­ac­ter. I’ve seen things that have made me re­alise how del­i­cate life is. I had a gun pulled to my face and it was a re­al­ity check for me. I’ve been chased around with a knife.” He steers clear of those places now. “I don’t want to be around com­pany that doesn’t re­spect you well enough to value your life.” As for Mx­olisi and Lindiwe, they have a big de­ci­sion to make about whether they want to be around their fa­ther and hus­band in the fu­ture.

Stone-cold Muzi knows how to get his mes­sage across.

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