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Them­beka’s been black­mailed by two sets of peo­ple, she hid­ing the fact that Quin­ton has a child with some­one else and she’s just gone to ex­tremes to stop one black­mailer for good, but the show must go on. She keeps wed­ding plan­ner Fer­di­nand (Den­ver Vraagom) run­ning un­til Din­tle ru­ins it all. Again. Be­fore her big day, Them­beka sneered at Din­tle, “You won’t be at the wed­ding, you’re just the help.” But look who’s scut­tling down the aisle on Wed­nes­day 27 May, laugh­ing and wav­ing. It’s the new Mrs Ny­athi! Din­tle is mon­ster-in-law Layla’s wed­ding gift to Them­beka. “Af­ter Layla re­alised that I am Mrs Ny­athi, she’s like, ‘Come to the wed­ding! Be my plus one.’ So that’s why she gives Din­tle the money to do her hair and buy a dress,” Ma­paseka re­veals. Natasha adds that “It is a last-minute thing. I go to Cole’s dressed like this (in her ball­gown), Din­tle is wait­ress­ing and I give her money. My char­ac­ter is play­ing shocked be­cause she can’t let peo­ple know that

she en­gi­neered it”.


FUN FACT Many of the guests had their shoes off un­der the ta­bles.

By day 2 of the shoot, there were a lot of ten­der toes and


Them­beka’s death glare doesn’t work, Din­tle lives on and Them­beka and Quin­ton go on with the cer­e­mony. “For the long­est time, she tries to keep her com­po­sure but ev­ery­thing just turns the dial up a bit on the stove. So she’s cooking. Too much joy, too much anger. Even­tu­ally for the body to sta­bilise, it has to cut off. When Them­beka’s stand­ing at the al­tar, that’s the first glitch in her head,” says Masasa. And in­stead of the nor­mal vows, Them­beka hears the rev­erend ask a hor­rific ques­tion, one that stings her guilty con­science. As for Quin­ton, he’s not even think­ing of the fact that he sexed up a strip­per at his bach­e­lor party. “He al­lows feel­ings to take over. He’s beam­ing and gen­uinely, gen­uinely in love with her and doesn’t even no­tice her be­ing weird and ner­vous,” Brighton ex­plains. Them­beka may fi­nally be the (other) new Mrs Ny­athi but there’s more trou­ble head­ing her way…


Tur­bine Hall in New­town, Joburg is a her­itage site, which pre­sented some chal­lenges to Scan­dal!’s art depart­ment. “You’re not al­lowed to drill or nail, not even dou­ble-sided tape, so we had to use stands and poles,” says props mis­tress Lindi Baden­horst. But it was a bril­liant lo­ca­tion be­cause of what the bride does. “We had to get a venue with lots of stairs and op­tions where she could run. And it’s so big that there’s enough space for the tech­ni­cal crew and we could set up dif­fer­ent venues within the same build­ing,” Lindi adds.


She re­veals that “this wed­ding cake is a master­piece of lace and poly­styrene. We did it in a day-and-a-half. We had one or two flops – it’s been a year since we last made a wed­ding cake, so we couldn’t re­mem­ber how to do the fon­dant”. Only the top layer is real red vel­vet cake (echo­ing the gold and scar­let of Them­beka’s out­fits). “They need to cut the top layer of the cake, so we have three cakes on standby.”


Lindi’s big worry for the day was that the flow­ers were go­ing to die be­fore they wrapped the shoot as they’re all fresh (no plas­tic fakes!). The art depart­ment kept the ta­bles clear and made sure that they didn’t have flow­ers block­ing guests’ faces by sus­pend­ing the ar­range­ments from the ceil­ing.


Scan­dal!’s head of wardrobe Cor­lene Fursten­berg re­veals, “In the colour palate of the au­di­ence, you will see a lot of soft peachy beige tones be­cause once the bride walks in, I re­ally want peo­ple to be, like ‘Wow!’. That’s why Din­tle’s also pop­ping out in big turquoise bling-bling.”


The ac­tors are drink­ing sparkling ap­ple juice but the cham­pagne bot­tles are real. Thanks to a spon­sor, the art team didn’t have to cre­ate fake la­bels.


“We wanted to bring warmth into the build­ing be­cause ev­ery­thing is so grey, so we went for the gold and it re­flects the colour of her dress,” says Lindi. “The chairs are see-through so that noth­ing gets hid­den be­hind a solid chair.”


Them­beka’s menus and pro­grammes fea­tured a dis­tinctly non-bridal font. “Be­cause she’s so stark and pow­er­ful and not re­ally a girly- girl, we used quite a pow­er­ful font. We wanted some­thing hard and we thought the graphic would work with the venue,” says Lindi.


“We nor­mally buy rings that we can have two of be­cause if it’s a per­ma­nent prop on an ac­tor, it al­ways goes miss­ing,” says Cor­lene. “It was just a sim­ple ring that we bought at a sim­ple jeweller that looks like a mil­lion bucks.”

Them­beka’s trou­bles aren’t over once she says those vows, be­cause Quin­ton’s foster fa­ther Boyzie (Peter Mashigo) is go­ing to show up again, roar­ing drunk as al­ways, at the re­cep­tion. Says Brighton, “Him ar­riv­ing at the wed­ding ini­tially is a shock – this one day that was go­ing well (in his mind) is be­ing ru­ined by this drunk and he has his el­ders there so it’s quite em­bar­rass­ing, but he takes con­trol of the sit­u­a­tion”. Un­re­pen­tant, Boyzie later tries to hit on Layla. Wait ’til you see

how she reacts! Cor­lene re­veals that “we wanted it to look like Them­beka spoke to the designer and said, ‘Give them a colour that’s go­ing to blend into the wall’.”

Nurse Au­drey (Kholeka Dakada) is wear­ing the “be­fore” ver­sion of the dress but Glo­ria’s fan­cied hers up a bit. “Glo­ria was like, ‘I can’t look like her, I’m the queen and she’s the first princess.’ So she

added her own stuff,” re­veals Mar­jorie. Nurse Au­drey’s just happy to be there. “She’s wear­ing, ac­cord­ing to her, the most glam­orous golden

dress,” says Kholeka. “For Quin­ton, this whole day is less dra­matic,” says

Cor­lene. “I tried to play with the colour palate in the sense of mother and groom are both in grey to have that sub­lim­i­nal mes­sag­ing of my camp-your camp.” Brighton adds, “It’s very cheesy. It’s very old school… it’s not shiny and that’s a good thing.” Them­beka’s grand­mother Makhulu (Frances Nd­lazil­wana) is the jewel in the bride’s crown. “She’s so adorable. And she’s the ac­tual granny of Scelo (Mbulelo Nd­lazil­wana),” says Masasa.

“I love the stole [shawl] that they made and ev­ery­one says that I look like Elsa from Frozen,” laughs Natasha. Cor­lene adds that “Layla has

a glam­orous Grace Kelly look.” In real life, Din­tle’s dress was hi­lar­i­ously hor­ri­ble

– and lit­er­ally loud, as all the shell dec­o­ra­tions clicked and rus­tled. Cor­lene ex­plains, “In the story, Din­tle is our cheap-thrills girl. We went for a blue

mer­maid dress with shells and things beaded onto it. And also the idea that she re­ally had half

an hour to grab a dress from the bling store.” Ma­paseka’s im­pressed, adding that “I know Din­tle very well. If she went to a shop and there were

other op­tions, she would choose this dress”.

Ndu (Andile Sit­hole) knocks it out the park with his best man’s speech and the mo­ment of in­ter­ac­tion be­tween him and Ny­athi el­der Bab’Ny­athi (Jabu Makhubu) sent shiv­ers down Mar­jorie (Glo­ria) and Brighton’s (Quin­ton) spines. “It’s not scripted but he nailed it and in Bab’Ny­athi’s eyes I just saw pride,” says

Mar­jorie. Brighton adds, “Ndu does a tra­di­tional Zulu poem. Bab’Ny­athi is taken by the spirit of the poem and he starts danc­ing and it’s re­ally cool. That was spon­ta­neous.” PS: As Ndu, Andile’s wear­ing his own head­dress. “I’m a very tra­di­tional man. I re­spect my cul­ture and to rep­re­sent it is beau­ti­ful

and makes me proud.”

For Cor­lene, the go­ing away out­fit was about Them­beka feel­ing ex­posed, as if a layer of skin had been peeled back, leav­ing her vul­ner­a­ble. Masasa adds that “this top is buck­ram, which is that stuff they make hats with and they’ve cov­ered it with this in­ter­est­ing ma­te­rial that looks like blood and veins. I love this, not as much as I love the wed­ding

dress, but it’s right up there”.


Scan­dal!’s head of wardrobe Cor­lene Fursten­berg started work­ing on the wed­ding with her team at the be­gin­ning of the year. Them­beka’s dress is their “crème de la crème show­stop­per”, but all that mag­nif­i­cence didn’t come cheap. “It was about R75 000 and we got a fan­tas­tic deal on fab­rics – al­most 50% off. It’s an im­ported fab­ric and there’s only 10 me­tres of it in the coun­try,” Cor­lene ex­plains. “The dress car­ries about 3 000 hand-sewn beads. For the train, we used about 10 me­tres of os­trich feath­ers, hand­dyed to match. My team has been work­ing on this dress for about three months.” Their labour of love is very much adored by the bride. Masasa re­veals, “If you’re look­ing at me from the front when I’m hold­ing the flow­ers, you can’t see whether it’s see-through or not. The truth is rel­a­tive depend­ing on which per­spec­tive you’re look­ing from.” It’s per­fect for Them­beka. And yes, she’s wear­ing it in front of her granny and the head of the Ny­athi clan. “I do re­alise that it’s go­ing to be pretty con­tro­ver­sial. I showed my mom a photo of it and she was like, ‘You’re naked!’” laughs Masasa.

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