Sur­prise bride! “She’s shocked. It’s not what she wants”

Be­tween a kid­nap­ping and an am­bush wed­ding, Ayanda and Mx­olisi have turned Nom­buso’s plans on their head.

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Mon-Wed SABC1 20:30 Nom­buso’s (Than­deka Zulu) life is com­pli­cated. She’s se­cretly preg­nant with her true love Mx­olisi’s (Naymaps Mapha­lala) baby but trapped into mar­ry­ing hot nice guy Ayanda (Kay Sibiya) and she is un­der­go­ing lobola ne­go­ti­a­tions to be with him. So we kind of un­der­stand when she de­cides on Wed­nes­day 30 Septem­ber that she’ll wait a month be­fore break­ing the baby news to Ayanda. That’s plan A. But both men who’re vy­ing for Nom­buso’s heart are about to do the un­ex­pected…


Mx­olisi pulls a nearly un­for­giv­able stunt on Tues­day 6 Oc­to­ber af­ter he finds out that Nom­buso’s gear­ing up to marry Ayanda. He has two of his men snatch Nom­buso off the street – to her terror. “She thinks it’s these town­ship crim­i­nals as there are a lot of crim­i­nals in Kwa Mashu. She doesn’t have any idea that it could be her soul­mate [be­hind the kid­nap­ping],” laughs Than­deka. “The guy drags her into the car. She’s scared. She’s cry­ing, cry­ing, cry­ing. When they get there and she sees Mx­olisi, she asks him why he did this to her.” Once Mx­olisi ex­plains, Nom­buso im­me­di­ately calms down and for­gives him – which is re­ally proof of the magic of love. “When you love some­one, deeply love some­one, even if they wrong you, if you love that per­son, you ob­vi­ously have that soft spot for them,” ex­plains Than­deka.


As Mx­olisi and Nom­buso talk, she re­alises that what they have is too pre­cious to let go. And be­ing with Mx­olisi will take all the pres­sure away from her baby se­cret. “It’s a huge re­lief for Nom­buso! She knows that the baby is Mx­olisi’s child, not Ayanda’s. Mx­olisi is the first (and only) per­son she’s slept with. She knows that Mx­olisi took her vir­gin­ity,” ex­plains Than­deka. So af­ter a night of mak­ing love, Nom­buso wakes in the morn­ing, re­solved to break up with Ayanda for good… or so she thinks.


The first time that Ayanda sur­prised Nom­buso by propos­ing to her in church on Wed­nes­day 9 Septem­ber worked out

re­ally well for him, since she said yes. And now he’s do­ing it again – with a wed­ding! Nom­buso goes to speak to him at the church on Wed­nes­day 7 Oc­to­ber, only to walk straight into her own wed­ding cer­e­mony.

“She’s shocked. Her aunts are there, the choir singers are there… It’s not what she wants, so ob­vi­ously she is un­happy, but she’s try­ing to hide it,” says Than­deka. Nom­buso pulls Ayanda aside for an ur­gent chat in one of the side of­fices. “She tries to tell him that she’s not ready for this wed­ding. And Ayanda’s about to an­nounce that Nom­buso doesn’t want to marry him, when he sees her com­ing in the door on the side op­po­site to him… wear­ing her wed­ding gown.” Is she crazy?


“She’s a bit con­fused,” ad­mits Than­deka. “She knows that she loves Mx­olisi but she knows that it’s an in­sult. It would be an em­bar­rass­ment to her aunts and ev­ery­body in church. It’s not proper. As much as she knows the truth that she loves Mx­olisi more than Ayanda, on the day, with ev­ery­body there, it’s not okay. It’s not the right time to tell Ayanda that.” So un­der pres­sure and out of po­lite­ness, Nom­buso says her vows.


When news of the wed­ding reaches Mx­olisi, he races to con­front the groom, leav­ing bride Nom­buso with some­thing im­pos­si­ble to ex­plain on Mon­day 12 and Tues­day 13 Oc­to­ber. “Mx­olisi comes and fights with Ayanda. He’s drunk and he wants to make some an­nounce­ment and they try to stop him. But he man­ages to say to Ayanda, ‘I know Nom­buso bet­ter than you.’ And Ayanda wants to know what he means by that. On their hon­ey­moon, Ayanda is an­gry. They fight about that and then he’s cry­ing. It’s not re­ally a hon­ey­moon,” re­veals Than­deka. There’s no truer say­ing for this re­la­tion­ship than “marry in haste, re­pent at leisure”.


MaPhindi claimed that Amandla was Muzi’s daugh­ter, and Nom­buso en­tered lobola ne­go­ti­a­tions while hid­ing her preg­nancy.


Ayanda lays claim to Nom­buso in public, and Richard and MaPhindi go on the run again af­ter slip­ping through Mx­olisi’s fin­gers. Ayanda en­rols in the­ol­ogy classes and asks his mom to talk to the church board about the pos­si­bil­ity of him be­com­ing a pas­tor. Mx­olisi is later dev­as­tated to find out that Nom­buso’s plan­ning to marry.

5 – 7 OC­TO­BER

Mx­olisi’s on the warpath, not ev­ery­one agrees with Ayanda’s dreams of be­ing a pas­tor, and the pan­el­beater’s tar­geted in a po­lice swoop that leaves De­tec­tive Dhlomo with egg on his face. Sbu makes Mx­olisi an of­fer but the part­ner­ship he’s sug­gest­ing re­quires a lot of cash, Nom­buso is kid­napped, and Ayanda won­ders where Nom­buso could be when she doesn’t come home for the night. Mx­olisi and Nom­buso have a heartto-heart chat and make a de­ci­sion about their fu­ture that’s im­me­di­ately de­railed by her other suitor’s sur­prise wed­ding plans, and Mas­ter­mind cheats on Thobile again.

12 – 13 OC­TO­BER

Ayanda might re­gret ask­ing Nom­buso for the truth about her re­la­tion­ship with Mx­olisi, while Thobile won­ders why Mas­ter­mind’s giv­ing her the silent treat­ment. Mx­olisi con­sid­ers tak­ing out a loan from a dan­ger­ous con­tact, and Lindiwe flips out when she un­cov­ers in­for­ma­tion about Mx­olisi’s latest busi­ness plans.

Does any­one know a good rea­son why Nom­buso and Ayanda shouldn’t be mar­ried?

You’ve got some ex­plain­ing to do, Ayanda!

Un­sus­pect­ing Nom­buso is snatched off the street and bun­dled into a car.

Nom­buso’s lov­ing aun­tie walks her down the aisle.

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