Tu­misho Masha: “Hec­tor doesn’t trust Lu­cas”

Lu­cas Ny­athi has a new play­mate, but what does Hec­tor really want?

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Scan­dal! fans will be the fly on the wall as Lu­cas Ny­athi (Sello Maake Ka Ncube) meets his new busi­ness con­tact Hec­tor Thebe (Tu­misho Masha) on Tues­day 15 De­cem­ber. While there’s a lot of silky-smooth smil­ing on the sur­face, be­hind the scenes knives are be­ing sharp­ened. “Hec­tor de­cided that he’s go­ing to go af­ter the Ny­athis some time ago, but it’s his first time meet­ing them and he wants to see what kind of man Lu­cas really is and who he’s up against,” re­veals Tu­misho. “Hec­tor wants to make Lu­cas think that there are some busi­ness prospects be­tween them, to string him along and maybe make him make some mis­takes”.


Hec­tor really does mean busi­ness – it’s his spe­cial­ity! “Hec­tor is a property de­vel­oper. He started in im­ports and ex­ports and from com­modi­ties trad­ing, he went into the property game. He’s look­ing to de­velop some prop­er­ties in the New­town area around the NFH build­ing. That’s part of his plan: to try rope the Ny­athis into some­thing like that and then to drop them at the last minute and still be able to make a profit”. But he’s not just in this for the cold, hard cash and some back­stab­bing fun…


“Hec­tor has real agenda: he’s look­ing for jus­tice. He’s look­ing to send Lu­cas Ny­athi back to jail and this time to make sure that he’s back there for a long time. He doesn’t want to take Lu­cas’s life or Mangi’s (Kag­iso Modupe) life; he just wants to pun­ish them for what they did. This is a fa­ther seek­ing jus­tice.” And Lu­cas seals his fate in their first get-to­gether by meet­ing Hec­tor’s worst expectations. “He doesn’t trust Lu­cas and he doesn’t like Lu­cas. Hec­tor be­lieves that Lu­cas is ma­nip­u­la­tive and I think that Hec­tor finds that Lu­cas is ex­actly the per­son he al­ways thought he was,” says Tu­misho.

Hec­tor still has a lot of cards up his beau­ti­fully tai­lored sleeves, in­clud­ing a se­cret fam­ily con­nec­tion – some­one who’s al­ready in New­town and creep­ing closer to the Ny­athis ev­ery day…

Hec­tor (left) and Lu­cas’s smiles mask their sly in­ten­tions.

What is Hec­tor hid­ing be­hind those glasses?

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