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Tshidi flips when Gadaffi re­veals the truth about Amo

She won’t give

PLUS! “her baby” up!

When Tshidi’s (Le­toya Makhene) foster baby Amo (No­luthando Nx­u­malo) falls dan­ger­ously ill again on Wed­nes­day 23 De­cem­ber, her own mom Zondiwe (Abi­gail Kubeka) wor­ries as he’s rushed to hos­pi­tal. Mean­while, sin­gle mom Tshidi isn’t cop­ing with her “son’s” con­di­tion. “It rips her heart out, as she’s formed a bond with the child,” ex­plains Le­toya. Lit­tle does she know that they’re also bonded by blood. But she’s about to find out that Amo is ac­tu­ally her brother Tau and his wife Karabo’s (Ra­pu­lana Seiphemo and Con­nie Fer­gu­son) baby who was pre­sumed dead in Au­gust through her gang­ster hus­band Gadaffi’s (Vuyo Dab­ula) trick­ery.

OUT OF JAIL “Amo’s tem­per­a­ture is high and the doc­tors don’t know what’s wrong,” says Le­toya of Tshidi’s predica­ment on Thurs­day 24 De­cem­ber. Mean­while, her hus­band is or­gan­is­ing his way out of jail by strik­ing a deal with De­tec­tive Zondo (Nico Mkha­bela) on Fri­day 25 De­cem­ber and Tshidi has no idea that Gadaffi’s about to walk right back into her life. “She’s at the hos­pi­tal by Amo’s side and he ap­pears at the door,” Le­toya ex­plains. “Tshidi’s shocked and feels guilty for aban­don­ing him but they’re rec­on­ciled through Amo’s ill health.”

THROW­ING THE BONES When Amo’s con­di­tion doesn’t im­prove, Tshidi seeks al­ter­na­tive sources to help the child and, act­ing on her mother’s ad­vice, she goes to see a healer on Tues­day 29 De­cem­ber and is con­cerned by what’s re­vealed. “She’s told that Gadaffi is hid­ing some­thing deep and dark and that Amo won’t be well un­til it’s re­vealed,” Le­toya ex­plains. “She gets home and bad­gers Gadaffi un­til, on Wed­nes­day 30 De­cem­ber, he comes clean about Amo really be­ing Tau and Karabo’s not-so-dead son.”

NOT LET­TING GO For a mas­ter crim­i­nal, it might seem a lit­tle out of char­ac­ter that Gadaffi’s wracked by guilt, but it seems he’s see­ing the er­ror of his thug-life ways at last. That and the fact that the prophet said baby Amo won’t be in good health un­til the truth is re­vealed leads to Gadaffi telling his wife that he wants to come clean to the Morokas, but Tshidi isn’t on the same page. “She’s heart­bro­ken,” says Le­toya. “It’s like find­ing out your child has died.” When the Morokas visit Amo later on Wed­nes­day 30 De­cem­ber, Tshidi stops Gadaffi from con­fess­ing to them and later, af­ter they’ve left, she threat­ens him with the only ace up her sleeve: she tells him that he dare not tell any­one oth­er­wise she’ll skip the coun­try with Amo. “There’s a men­tal in­sta­bil­ity of sorts, but it just looks like a mom not want­ing to lose her child,” Le­toya adds.


While Tshidi’s kind of los­ing her mind, it isn’t long be­fore Tau and Karabo are made aware of Amo’s predica­ment when the prophet ar­rives at their doorstep on Fri­day 1 Jan­uary, claim­ing that she was led there by the spir­its. She tells Tshidi, in the pres­ence of ev­ery­one else, that Amo will die if the truth doesn’t come out and then walks away, leav­ing ev­ery­one gob­s­macked. “Tshidi pan­ics,” says Le­toya, but no one’s more freaked out than Karabo when she has an odd dream on Mon­day 4 Jan­uary. Karabo sees her­self breast­feed­ing Amo and ques­tions the dream’s mean­ing. It ap­pears that she may be draw­ing closer to the truth, but Tshidi has no in­ten­tion of los­ing Amo, re­gard­less of whether Karabo finds out about the baby or not. “She has had sleep­less nights with him, nur­tured him and loved him. She can’t have her baby ripped away from her. Not now,” says Le­toya. But just how far will she go to keep him?

Tshidi and Gadaffi are go­ing

to war over their “child”.

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