Drop that ring!

Two cou­ples bite the dust thanks to Chad’s wed­ding “gift” to Gabi and Nick.

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Our Days wed­ding count­down to disas­ter be­gins on Thurs­day 4 Fe­bru­ary. Will Father Eric (Greg Vaughan) even get to the part where he asks if any­one ob­jects to Gabi and Nick’s (Camila Banus and Blake Ber­ris) mar­riage? With a preg­nant bride, an ex-con, gay-hat­ing groom, a gay se­cret baby­daddy and a dis­grun­tled DiMera with an axe to grind all crowd­ing into St Luke’s church, we’d ad­vise the caterer to ice and dec­o­rate a card­board box – no­body’s go­ing to be cut­ting the cake. “When I read the whole script, I was, like, ‘This is fan­tas­tic be­cause ev­ery­body is wait­ing for the cli­max of the wed­ding,’” says Blake.


Chad (Casey Dei­drick) seems to have got­ten over his seething re­sent­ment of Gabi for ru­in­ing his re­la­tion­ship with Me­lanie (Molly Bur­nett) last year. While he’s suit­ing up for the wed­ding, he tells his pal Sonny (Fred­die Smith), “It’s the big­gest day of their lives. If we can’t be happy for them, then, you know, we never will, so…” But what good is a chic suit to a DiMera if you don’t have a lit­tle some­thing up your sleeve?


As Eric says, “We ask if any­body ob­jects to th­ese two join­ing in mar­riage. Speak now or for­ever hold your peace,” Chad stands up to ask: “If this mar­riage is about love and truth, then shouldn’t Gabi be mar­ry­ing the real father of her baby?” The fall­out is swift and ter­ri­ble on Fri­day 5 Fe­bru­ary. As Rafe (Galen Ger­ing) tries to force Chad out of the church, Chad yells, “Your sis­ter’s a ly­ing slut!” But it looks like some­body’s not quite ready to fill those DiMera big-boy boots just yet. Chad tells Hope (Kris­tian Al­fonso) that Nick was be­hind bars when Gabi got preg­nant, so he as­sumes that her baby­daddy has to be… Gabi’s part­ner in Me­la­ni­estalk­ing crime An­drew Stark (Caleb Hunt)! Will would be off the hook but this is when he cracks and ad­mits the real truth, “Nick’s not the father of Gabi’s baby… I am.”


With that, the big­gest up­set isn’t even be­tween the bride and groom any­more. Will begs for­give­ness for keep­ing the baby’s pa­ter­nity a se­cret. “Sonny. I’m sorry that I lied to you. I don’t want this to change any­thing be­tween us.” And Sonny snaps back as he storms off, “On what planet? This changes ev­ery­thing!” And when Sami (Ali­son Sweeney) finds out that Nick and Gabi were pre­pared to “hide” her son Will’s baby, she goes in­sane, telling Gabi. “You are a ma­nip­u­la­tive, ly­ing lit­tle b***h.” Whoops. Now Rafe’s an­gry! “Any­body who is a fan knows that she is not go­ing to take that ly­ing down,” says Ali­son.


So how does the wed­ding rate on the Salem scale? Vic­tor Kiri­akis (John Anis­ton) tells his grand­son Sonny, “As wed­ding dis­as­ters go, I’d say this one was about a seven. No­body was black­mailed at the al­tar. No­body was shot on the ter­race… al­though Chad prob­a­bly should watch his back on the way home. It wasn’t as bad as the one that Car­rie (Christie Clark) broke up when she found out Sami was ly­ing about Will’s pa­ter­nity (in 1997 on US screens). It was ironic to watch Sami’s re­ac­tion… his­tory re­peat­ing it­self.”

Gabi, Father Eric and Nick wait for an ob­jec­tion…

Hope and Rafe try to stop Chad’s wed­ding

crash­ing rant.

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