Salem’s new bad boy

Jen­nifer’s son JJ Dev­er­aux is all grown up and ready to cause some trou­ble.

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JJ Dev­er­aux (Casey Moss) is trou­ble from the word go when the 17year-old breaks into his mom Jen­nifer’s (Melissa Reeves) house on Fri­day 10 June. He’s sup­posed to be tucked safely away at posh St Al­ban’s board­ing school in Lon­don, but on Tues­day 14 June he claims that he’s been sent home three weeks early as he’s al­ready fin­ished his ex­ams and wanted to sur­prise her. Nice try, liar! But fib­bing is the least of JJ’s prob­lems.


Big sis­ter Abby (Kate Mansi) doesn’t be­lieve JJ for a mo­ment when she comes home and nearly hugs him to death on Tues­day 14 June. Jen­nifer wasn’t born yes­ter­day ei­ther and when she emails his school to check up on him, the truth comes out on Wed­nes­day 15 June. Af­ter tak­ing a phonecall from JJ’s head­mas­ter, Jen­nifer asks, “How could you not tell me that you were ex­pelled from school Jen­nifer isn’t go­ing to be happy with JJ’s be­hav­iour. for deal­ing drugs?” JJ says that he was ar­rested be­cause the blame fell on both of them when his room­mate’s stash of mar­i­juana was found. He turns his puppy dog eyes to his mom and adds, “I was afraid you wouldn’t be­lieve me ei­ther. I was right, wasn’t I?” And while Jen­nifer falls for that, on Tues­day 21 June she’s go­ing to dig up the truth about who the real drug pusher is. Backed into a cor­ner, JJ blames every­thing on his struggles ad­just­ing to his dad Jack’s (Matthew Ash­ford) death. But that doesn’t mean he’s look­ing for a po­ten­tial new daddy…


While Jen’s go­ing to have to deal with her son, JJ has a bone to pick with her too. His first meet­ing with his mom’s new boyfriend Daniel (Shawn Chris­tian) on Wed­nes­day 15 June im­me­di­ately be­comes un­com­fort­able when JJ tells Daniel, “Make your­self at home… al­though I’m sure you al­ready have.” Be­tween his drug prob­lems, ly­ing, ma­nip­u­la­tion and his in­stant dis­like for Daniel, Jen­nifer is for a rough ride with her rebel son in the com­ing months.

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