Drug­gie Quin­ton loses his job

Drugs and drink are about to take the only thing from Quin­ton that Them­beka’s be­trayal didn’t de­stroy.

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Busi­ness­man Quin­ton’s (Brighton Ngoma) twisted ex-wife Them­beka (Masasa Mban­geni – see more on p59) couldn’t have ru­ined him more thor­oughly if she’d tried. And you can bet the peo­ple around him have taken no­tice, es­pe­cially after he’s sunk so deep into a haze of drugs and al­co­hol that he misses an im­por­tant meet­ing at NFH on Thurs­day 7 July. When Quin­ton’s mom Layla (Natasha Suther­land) re­alises on Fri­day 8 July that he’s putting the com­pany at risk, she pre­pares to make a dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion that could either send Quin­ton fur­ther into dark­ness or shock him into fighting back…


Quin­ton’s drug and al­co­hol abuse is, ac­cord­ing to Brighton, “a man­i­fes­ta­tion of re­sent­ment and anger, all in the name of es­cap­ing. Peo­ple have been warn­ing him about Them­beka and he’s drown­ing out the ‘I-told-youso’s’ and the looks and the judge­ment. He wants to be in a zone where he can wake up and yes­ter­day is gone be­cause he drank it away or he drugged it away. And he’ll do it again today. You never re­ally fill that void. It runs deeper than any­one knows. It’s a los­ing game.” And when there are no brakes, ac­ci­dents are bound to hap­pen.


The poor judge­ment that lands Quin­ton in hos­pi­tal in mid-July can’t be ig­nored, but the re­sults of Ed­die (Sandy Mok­wena) and Layla’s ur­gent dis­cus­sion on Fri­day 15 July get shoved in his face in such a hu­mil­i­at­ing way the next week. Quin­ton finds out through Scan­dal!’s gos­sip pages that he’s been ousted as NFH’s CEO like a very naughty boy. “He feels be­trayed and like a fail­ure. He’s not see­ing the big­ger pic­ture, that they’ve stepped in to res­cue this sink­ing ship. He sees this as ‘I’m at my most vul­ner­a­ble and you are go­ing to step in and take ev­ery­thing’.” While the shock is sober­ing, Brighton warns that some sur­prises are go­ing to lead to ma­jor set­backs… like find­ing out that a cer­tain ex-wife might be writ­ing a tell-all book…


Layla waits as Quin­ton reads that he’s been re­placed at NFH.

Them­beka is still con­trol­ling Quin­ton.

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