11 – 15 JULY

TV Plus (South Africa) - - ASHES TO ASHES -

Mpho is cramp­ing from muti that Bab’Hlong­wane gave her, Tsi­etsi goes to the of­fice to pick up doc­u­ments and flirts with Dit­sebo, and Selo holds a fam­ily meet­ing an­nounc­ing that Mand­lakazi didn’t come home. Mpho es­capes and goes to Ma’Maz­ibuko’s house, and the Na­manes fear that Bab’Hlong­wane will try to harm Mpho’s un­born ba­bies. Tsi­etsi over­hears Reba and Buzwe talk­ing about how she bought Ndlovu Fu­ner­als, which he then in­ves­ti­gates. Tsi­etsi finds out that Reba bought the funeral par­lour and he tells Selo, Mand­lakazi is still miss­ing, and Selo asks Mickey to go to Ficks­burg.

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