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Glo­ria and Tsatsi’s Glo­ria’s games. re­la­tion­ship goes nu­clear thanks to

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Safe ’N Clean owner Tsatsi (Joyce Skefu) and worker Glo­ria (Mar­jorie Langa) have been bo­som bud­dies since way back in the days of the stokvel in Soweto in Fe­bru­ary 2012. They’re like sis­ters – if Glo­ria is the sis­ter who bor­rows your clothes, breaks your phone, eats your food and re­fuses to leave the room when you bring a boyfriend home. “She’s tak­ing ad­van­tage of Tsatsi but it’s from a good place where she feels en­ti­tled, be­cause this is my friend,” says Mar­jorie. Joyce adds, “Tsatsi likes her be­cause she’s a risk taker. And she is very sup­port­ive in her own way, even if it’s mis­chievous. When you need her, she will be there.” But now Glo­ria has gone so far over the line that for the first time, she’s go­ing to feel what it’s like to lose Tsatsi’s friend­ship.


Glo­ria’s nose was put out of joint on Fri­day 1 July when she heard that Tsatsi had made Pretty (Mil­li­cent Makhado) the head of se­cu­rity at Safe ’N Clean. “Pretty is Glo­ria’s num­ber-one en­emy. She dated Ndu­miso (Andile Sithole), who is Glo­ria’s daugh­ter’s boyfriend,” ex­plains Mar­jorie. But on Tues­day 5 July, Glo­ria went from sulk­ing to go­ing out of her way to prove that Pretty’s not up for the job: she frames Pretty!

“Glo­ria goes to the news­room and com­mits a crime that she hopes will prove how bad se­cu­rity is. Glo­ria knows where the cam­eras are and she’s turned them away so they’ve got no proof of who the cul­prit is.” But Glo­ria is forced to do dam­age con­trol on Wed­nes­day 6 July when her fel­low cleaner Stokkies (Wayne van Rooyen) warns her that NFH is about to call the cops. “That is when she goes to Tsatsi and ex­claims, ‘Ta- dah! I can solve this crime!’ She isn’t think­ing of the havoc that it has caused… but it draws the line for Malet­satsi. And there’s no amount of for­give­ness that can sal­vage this.”


Forced to choose be­tween her rep­u­ta­tion and her busi­ness and Glo­ria, a sad­dened Tsatsi picks her busi­ness… for now. “It will be ter­ri­ble,” says Joyce. “Tsatsi is al­ready feel­ing guilty for tak­ing such a big de­ci­sion be­cause she knows Glo­ria’s life. You can imag­ine the ef­fect if you know they are suf­fer­ing and that Glo­ria doesn’t even have a hus­band. Tsatsi doesn’t want to do it.” Tsatsi or­ders Pretty to es­cort Glo­ria from the build­ing on Thurs­day 7 July and Pretty marches Glo­ria out, still fighting and com­plain­ing. “Tsatsi has a feel­ing that she will have to pick up the bro­ken pieces again, but at the same time for her this is tough love time be­tween her and Glo­ria,” says Joyce. “If Glo­ria could just con­trol the side of her­self that keeps cross­ing the line, she could be Tsatsi’s part­ner in busi­ness be­cause she’s so hard-work­ing. But Glo­ria’s over­bear­ing na­ture spoils ev­ery­thing.”


On Mon­day 11 July, in a mo­ment of ar­ro­gance and anger, Glo­ria tells Tsatsi that their friend­ship is over. But as re­al­ity sinks in, Glo­ria sobs on Stokkies’ shoul­der on Thurs­day 14 July. “There are so many times that she’s needed Tsatsi. She’s so used to her be­ing there that when she isn’t, Glo­ria ac­tu­ally feels that pinch,” says Mar­jorie. And in the com­ing weeks, Tsatsi’s de­ci­sion is go­ing to hit Glo­ria where it hurts: her bank ac­count. “She lives, breathes and eats money. So it is the worst thing that could hap­pen to her,” adds Mar­jorie. Once Glo­ria re­alises how much she needs Tsatsi, she’s go­ing to go all out to make Tsatsi re­alise how much Tsatsi needs Glo­ria. Let the cack­ling be­gin as Glo­ria cooks up a new scheme that is sure to leave her with egg on her face and Tsatsi pulling out her hair…

Pretty es­corts Glo­ria kick­ing and scream­ing out of the build­ing.

Glo­ria’s tricks have landed her in hot wa­ter.

Tsatsi puts her foot down.

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