6 – 8 JULY

TV Plus (South Africa) - - 7DE LAAN -

Marko sees Gita in a dif­fer­ent light, Alexa gets a job at the Hill­side Clinic, and Rickus can’t shake off the dop­ing scan­dal gos­sip. Justin moves into Vince and Bonita’s flat, and Ag­gie tells Maria and Pu­lane that Win­ston has two wives. Gita takes a lik­ing to Marko, Chris is dis­ap­pointed in Rickus’s be­hav­iour, and Justin catches Bonita go­ing through his be­long­ings. Later, it’s time for Paula’s baby shower, and Gita re­ceives a strange pack­age at her pent­house.

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