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Sofía Ver­gara spills the beans on age­ing grace­fully in show­biz and what it’s like be­ing mar­ried to a Hol­ly­wood hunk.

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In part 2 of our ex­clu­sive in­ter­view with Sofía Ver­gara, the Mod­ern Fam­ily (2009-cur­rent) star gets can­did about her life away from the set, where there is an end­less ar­ray of Hol­ly­wood par­ties to at­tend and red-car­pets events to dress up for. Plus, the tabloids are closely watch­ing ev­ery move she and hubby Joe Man­ganiello – Al­cide from 2010 to 2014 in True Blood (2008-2014) – make in pub­lic.

You’ve been praised for your fem­i­nin­ity and real-woman curves. In your ex­pe­ri­ence,

what does be­ing a woman mean? I think all women are very com­plex. Just be­cause you look a cer­tain way or do one job doesn’t mean that is all that you can do. I think the great thing about women is that we can be moth­ers and we can be sis­ters and we can be friends. And in my house, I am mak­ing sure that ev­ery­thing is taken care of – like if I have to get on the floor to clean some­thing. I think we all, women nowa­days, can do so many things and I want to think that we are all very com­plex.

Do you have a lot of shoes? A lot of shoes and a lot of bags. I spend most of my money on that. But clothes I can wear, like $29 (R445) jeans or a $12 (R180) T-shirt. I don’t in­vest that much in ac­tual clothes be­cause if you have a good pair of shoes and a fancy bag, you can get away with any­thing. I have a cou­ple of Chanel ones that look like they have pearls but I don’t think they’re real.

Is age a touchy sub­ject for you in real life

at 43? No, but any woman that tells you she doesn’t care, I don’t think that is true. Of course it both­ers me. I wish I could be young for­ever but it’s a re­al­ity and you have to learn to em­brace what is go­ing on be­cause what can you do? If you get too crazy, it can go all the way and then you look even weirder or even worse! So I try to take it easy. We are lucky at this time be­cause women are age­ing bet­ter and bet­ter. I think women did pay too much at­ten­tion to work­ing out and fa­cials and creams and eat­ing healthy. Now it’s a lit­tle bit eas­ier on a woman, this age­ing thing. You re­sisted when your hus­band first tried to date you. What were you wor­ried about and how did he re­lieve you of those fears? I’d just come out of a re­la­tion­ship and I wanted peace and quiet. It sounded like such a bad idea to date the hottest bachelor in Hol­ly­wood and four years younger than me. It sounded like a lot of work at that mo­ment. I think the im­por­tant thing of age­ing is that now you know more about life so that you make bet­ter choices. Not just be­cause he’s hot. I was like, “I don’t want to deal with that. I’m go­ing to meet an older guy… some­one more nor­mal.” But then he con­vinced me to go out with him one time and still I was like, “I am just go­ing go out one time and have a good time.” But then I met him and I found out how he was and he started look­ing less and less hand­some [Laughs].

What gets you down, be­cause you al­ways

seem so cheer­ful? When I’m hun­gry I start hat­ing ev­ery­body [Laughs]. I try to sur­round my­self with peo­ple that I like so that… like in this type of work, you have to hang out with peo­ple and I like to be around peo­ple who are fun and hard-work­ing. Of course it gets me down to know things about my fam­ily if they’re do­ing some­thing or they’re not okay. Or if some­thing is hap­pen­ing with my son [Manolo] but usu­ally work things don’t bring me down. It’s like some­thing bet­ter will come along.

You stud­ied den­tistry. Are you good at not

only your teeth but your son’s? Manolo is 23 and he doesn’t have one cav­ity. He’s never had one. That, I think, is one of my great­est achieve­ments!

Sofía Ver­gara makes be­ing gor­geous look easy.

Sofía and her hunky ac­tor hus­band Joe Man­ganiello.

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