For­mer friends Aphiwe and Kamo­h­elo fight over Obakeng.

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He’s a trou­ble­maker at work, with con­stant tem­per tantrums, ig­nor­ing mine pro­to­cols and search­ing for di­a­monds with­out any­one else know­ing. And now new­comer Obakeng (Anga Makubalo) is com­ing be­tween pals Aphiwe and Kamo­h­elo (Khanya Mkangisa and Mak­gotso M). While he isn’t in­ten­tion­ally caus­ing drama, Obakeng is the ob­ject of de­sire and says Anga, “He’s obliv­i­ous to the girls’ fights over him. At the mo­ment, those things are petty for him be­cause he has other things on his mind…”


On Thurs­day 7 July, Kamo makes her move on Obakeng, frus­trat­ing Aphiwe who then makes her move on Fri­day 8 July, which in turn an­noys Kamo. “Obakeng’s never been in a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship but things are dif­fer­ent with Aphiwe,” says Anga. “He doesn’t know how to act around her and he doesn’t know how to han­dle her, but he’s glad that she made the first move.” Aphiwe de­cides on Mon­day 11 July that the girls need to stop let­ting Obakeng come be­tween them and sug­gests to Kamo that they put their dif­fer­ences aside, but Kamo is be­ing played for a fool – she has no idea that she’s al­ready lost the fight for the hot new miner.


Aphiwe and her new man get to know each other on Wed­nes­day 13 July and have a chat about Obakeng’s past – he hasn’t opened up to any­one about his trou­bled his­tory be­fore and Aphiwe is the first to hear his in­tense sto­ries. “He lacks morals but Obakeng tries to keep things po­lite with Aphiwe and be hon­est with her,” Anga says. The next day, on Thurs­day 14 July, Kamo spots the cou­ple and re­al­is­ing that she’s been tricked, she plots her pay­back…


Kamo gets flirty with off-the-mar­ket Obakeng on Fri­day 15 July and Anga re­veals that “Obakeng doesn’t want to be with Kamo­h­elo. He doesn’t like her be­cause she is a younger girl, but she knows how to flirt with him and get his at­ten­tion. He tells her that he can’t be with her and that he likes Aphiwe, but Kamo doesn’t stop try­ing”. Anga adds that Kamo causes more trou­ble by telling Obakeng that Aphiwe still has feel­ings for her ex-boyfriend Calvin (Mau­rice Paige) and that Obakeng is “just the re­bound”. Aphiwe spots her man with Kamo on Mon­day 18 July and the bat­tle lines are drawn, not that Obakeng’s aware of what’s com­ing…

Obakeng’s landed him­self be­tween Aphiwe (left) and feisty Kamo­h­elo (back).

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