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Ag­gie’s new man wants her to be his wife but is she com­fort­able be­ing with a po­lyg­a­mist?

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Poor Ag­gie (Mimi Mahlasela) – she fi­nally got a job after months of be­ing un­em­ployed but now she has prob­lems in her love life, thanks to fall­ing for her new boss Win­ston Mo­fo­keng (Sam Medupe). She’s head over heels but he’s al­ready mar­ried – with not one but two wives and Ag­gie isn’t keen to be­come the third wheel. Or is she? On Wed­nes­day 13 July, Ag­gie throws cau­tion into the wind and gives Win­ston a chance, but things get weird when she meets the first Mrs Mo­fo­keng…


Un­til now, Ag­gie’s made it clear that she won’t fool around with a mar­ried man, but after a se­ri­ous chat with Win­ston in his of­fice on Thurs­day 7 July, Ag­gie starts to con­sider be­com­ing his third wife. He tells her that he’s crazy about her and that he isn’t look­ing for a fling, but she must un­der­stand that his cul­tural roots are strong and he hopes that she will con­sider giv­ing their re­la­tion­ship a chance de­spite the other two woman in his life. Mimi says that her char­ac­ter prom­ises to think about it and she asks Win­ston to give her some space, adding that “she’s in con­flict be­cause of her own up­bring­ing and de­sire to have one man with whom she can grow old”.


The fol­low­ing day, Fri­day 8 July, Ag­gie tells Win­ston that she isn’t keen to share him. “She’s heart­bro­ken be­cause she has deep feel­ings for the man,” says Mimi. But after con­tem­plat­ing ev­ery out­come over the week­end, Ag­gie tells Win­ston on Mon­day 11 July that she made a hasty de­ci­sion and be­cause of her strong feel­ings for him, she is will­ing to be with him. On Thurs­day 14 July, Ag­gie’s still float­ing on cloud nine after they share their first kiss and “at this stage, Ag­gie is blinded by love and doesn’t even think about Win­ston’s other two wives,” Mimi ex­plains.


But on Fri­day 15 July, Ag­gie’s served a harsh dose of re­al­ity when Win­ston’s first wife Naledi Mo­fo­keng (Mon­nye Kunupi) takes her out for break­fast at the Deli. “It’s an awk­ward sit­u­a­tion and Ag­gie feels un­com­fort­able,” says Mimi. And things get even worse on Tues­day 19 July when Ag­gie has a cof­fee date with Naledi in Op­piekoffie – Naledi lets slip that as soon as Ag­gie be­comes the third wife, she will be ex­pected to get preg­nant right away be­cause Win­ston wants a son!

Ag­gie’s made up her mind about mar­ry­ing her man. Win­ston gets his woman.

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