25 – 29 JULY

TV Plus (South Africa) - - ASHES TO ASHES -

Selo be­gins to feel threat­ened by Ch­wepheshe, Reba con­tin­ues her down­ward spi­ral, and Noku­lunga and Buzwe go against Selo’s in­struc­tions. Reba begs the fam­ily to take Than­deka’s ad­vice and aban­don all to save their fam­ily and the next gen­er­a­tion, the Na­mane Fu­ner­als staff are con­cerned for their jobs with Ch­wepheshe throw­ing his weight around, and Ch­wepheshe is close to con­quer­ing Noku­lunga. Reba and Buzwe fight over Reba’s in­sis­tence that she won’t get med­i­cal help and Noku­lunga con­vinces Buzwe not to leave Reba. Selo, Mickey and Tsi­etsi then get ready to do an­other gun run.

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