Sip of death

Loose-end Ler­ato gets caught up in David’s re­venge plan.

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Brenda, Dolly and David’s plan to get rid of Solomon hits a snag. Week­days (*194) 19:00

Bad­die David Ge­naro (Jamie Bartlett) is back and since his re­turn in early July, he’s been plot­ting with pros­ti­tute Brenda (Lele Led­waba) and madam Dolly (Linda Sebenzo) to get re­venge on his ri­val Solomon (Seputla Se­bo­godi). But his plan comes crash­ing down when Brenda’s slip-up leaves them ex­posed to their mu­tual en­emy…


As Solomon’s un­hap­pily kept woman, Brenda’s in the per­fect spot to poi­son Solomon for David. But some­one’s got an eye on her on Wed­nes­day 20 July: Solomon’s right-hand woman Ler­ato (Samkelo Ndlovu). “She no­tices Brenda is con­stantly mak­ing tea when no one is look­ing,” re­veals Samkelo. “Solomon takes a sip and he doesn’t like how it tastes, so he gives it to his dog which then falls ill. The vet has no idea what’s wrong with the dog.”

While Ler­ato has her suspicions and “she can make the link be­tween the tea and the sick dog, she can’t imag­ine what Brenda’s mo­tive to kill Solomon would be”, ex­plains Samkelo. She would prob­a­bly know ex­actly why if Ler­ato knew that David was alive and that he’s the pup­pet­mas­ter…


Brenda thinks that she’s hit the jack­pot on Tues­day 26 July when Solomon drinks his tea, at least enough of it to fall ill. “Ler­ato now knows that Brenda is to blame,” says Samkelo. “Solomon doesn’t fin­ish his tea through, so he doesn’t even go to hospi­tal.” Wor­ry­ing that Ler­ato’s now onto her and David, Brenda takes the ini­tia­tive on Wed­nes­day and poi­sons Ler­ato’s drink with a heav­ier dose than she gave Solomon. David’s not pleased though be­cause it wasn’t part of their care­fully laid­out plans. Worse yet, Solomon is now sus­pi­cious that some­thing’s up.


Ler­ato is taken to hospi­tal in an un­con­scious state, which forces David to take care of busi­ness him­self on Fri­day 29 July be­cause he can’t af­ford to have Ler­ato alert­ing Solomon and the cops. Thing is, Ler­ato is still sort of awake and she catches a glimpse of David in her ward be­fore he’s scared off, job still un­fin­ished. “Solomon as­sures her that it’s just her imag­i­na­tion as he be­lieves David is dead,” says Samkelo…

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