25 – 29 JULY

TV Plus (South Africa) - - RHYTHM CITY -

Niki warns Pu­leng about Themba, Solomon ru­ins Doc and Bongi’s plans, and No­ma­langa finds out that Zolani is cheat­ing on her. Ler­ato wor­ries when Solomon falls ill, and David pan­ics when he learns that Brenda has poi­soned Ler­ato. Bongi feels threat­ened by Doc’s con­cern for a co­matose Ler­ato, Solomon has suspicions about who’s to blame for poi­son­ing Ler­ato, and Reneilwe is dev­as­tated af­ter the break-up but she won’t take no for an an­swer. David is go­ing to kill Ler­ato him­self, Reneilwe is stunned that Zolani got mar­ried, and Zinzi comes up with a bril­liant plan to cheer up her mother.

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