25 – 29 JULY

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Adam car­ries Stitch out of the build­ing, and Cane ar­rives at the hospi­tal. Paul threat­ens to sue Dr An­der­son when she blames the New­man fire on his pre­sumed­dead sis­ter Patty. Dr An­der­son tells a sleep­ing Sharon that her baby will soon be born, while ev­ery­one mourns baby Chris­tian. Dr Neville warns Gwen that she must fin­ish Hi­lary’s treat­ment, Neil tells Hi­lary what hap­pened to her, and Dy­lan finds out about Dr Neville. Billy of­fers Vic­tor an olive branch, and Vic­tor guesses that baby Chris­tian was Adam’s bi­o­log­i­cal son and he prom­ises to get Adam’s sen­tence re­duced if Adam helps him to re­build New­man En­ter­prises and take down the Ab­botts. Judge Elise Mox­ley, one of Vic­tor’s ex-lovers, is as­signed to hear Adam’s ap­peal.

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