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TV Plus (South Africa) - - ASHES TO ASHES PREVIEW -

(From left): Mickey, Reba and Scelo are fac­ing their bat­tles head on. Week­days (*194) 20:00


Bab’Hlong­wane tries to make what he feels is a fair trade: Mand­lakazi’s free­dom for Tsi­etsi’s first-born child, but the fa­ther-to-be is adamant that he won’t give away ei­ther of his twins. Selo wants his wife back to deal with the fam­ily’s re­cent stresses and he tries to con­vince Tsi­etsi to use the baby as bait just to get Mand­lakazi back – he prom­ises that his grand­child will be safe but Tsi­etsi isn’t buy­ing it. When Mpho finds out about Tsi­etsi and Selo’s dis­cus­sions, the shock sends her into a panic and she goes into labour, and Ma’Maz­ibuko seizes the mo­ment and grabs one of the ba­bies, pre­pared to avenge her grand­daugh­ter’s life.

Mean­while, Ch­wepheshe and Noku­lunga wind up in bed to­gether and he gloats about their sex­ual en­counter to Mickey, who then finds a way to win back his ex. Later, af­ter ex­pos­ing Ch­wepheshe’s crook­ery, Mickey and Noku­lunga team up to re­veal his true colours to the world. Selo may not have been pre­pared to will­ingly part with his riches, but the cops are about to take care of that, much to Ch­wepheshe’s an­noy­ance as he was plan­ning a huge coup. And we find out why Disebo re­ally left her hus­band and re­alise that she’s not as meek and mild as she makes her­self out to be…


The Na­mane fam­ily is left reel­ing af­ter Ma’Maz­ibuko’s at­tempt to abduct one of the new­born twins and Reba’s trip to hos­pi­tal, and Selo is now con­vinced that Mand­lakazi can be res­cued. Tsi­etsi is strug­gling to come to terms with hav­ing to use his daugh­ter to catch Bab’Hlong­wane, and Disebo has a fi­nal con­fronta­tion with her hus­band. The at­mo­sphere at Na­mane Funer­als is jovial as Damian looks for­ward to be­com­ing CEO once the busi­ness is of­fi­cially handed over to share­hold­ers, while the plan is set in mo­tion as Selo and Tsi­etsi take the baby to barter for Mand­lakazi’s life. Selo con­fesses to the mur­der of the sac­ri­ficed Maz­ibuko baby but the han­dover doesn’t go ac­cord­ing to Bab’Hlong­wane’s plan. Tsi­etsi and Mpho re­unite, Mand­lakazi is re­united with her fam­ily, and there’s a tragic end in store for Bab’Hlong­wane. Mean­while back at the of­fice, Disebo, Damian and the other staff cel­e­brate a new be­gin­ning in their lives.

NB! Ashes To Ashes ends on Fri­day 2 Septem­ber, with its re­place­ment show, which is still to be an­nounced (but is prob­a­bly Gold Dig­gers), start­ing on Mon­day 5 Septem­ber.

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