Twist in the tale

It turns out ail­ing Su­san has a bun in the oven!

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Su­san’s good news for her fam­ily isn’t nec­es­sar­ily good news for her. Week­days SABC2 (*192) 21:00

When royal wife Su­san (Mahumela Ma­hawu) takes ill on Wed­nes­day 17 Au­gust, ev­ery­one in the royal house wor­ries. They don’t know what’s ail­ing her, nor does Su­san, so her hubby Chief Azwin­dini (Gabriel Te­mudzani) seeks an­swers from tra­di­tional healer Mulim­isi (Hum­bu­lani Tsha­rani) on Fri­day 19 Au­gust. And when he finds out why Su­san’s feel­ing un­der the weather and nau­seous, his jaw hits the floor. “She thinks that this is the end and that she’s go­ing to die,” says Mahumela.


“Azwin­dini finds out [from Mulim­isi] that Su­san’s life might come to an end – but there will be new life begin­ning too,” ex­plains Mahumela. The chief isn’t sure how to in­ter­pret Mulim­isi’s read­ing on Mon­day 22 Au­gust, but he is gravely con­cerned about Su­san pos­si­bly dy­ing. Not con­tent with the tra­di­tional healer’s di­ag­no­sis, Su­san

goes to her gen­eral physi­cian. “She is def­i­nitely preg­nant!” says Mahumela, adding that Azwin­dini is prac­ti­cally do­ing cart­wheels when she tells him on Tues­day 23 Au­gust. “Ob­vi­ously, he’s over the moon be­cause it means that he has an heir to his throne,” says Mahumela, “but it comes at a price.” On Wed­nes­day 24 Au­gust, Su­san tells Azwin­dini that “the preg­nancy won’t be easy and be­cause of com­pli­ca­tions that will hap­pen, Su­san might die.” So Mulim­isi’s di­ag­no­sis wasn’t en­tirely wrong af­ter all…


Chief Azwin­dini is over­joyed at the thought of an heir. De­spite know­ing that her life is on the line, Su­san agrees to go through with the preg­nancy on Thurs­day 25 Au­gust, will­ing to make the ul­ti­mate sac­ri­fice for Azwin­dini and the royal blood­line. At the same time, Azwin­dini’s good news is bad news for his nephew Vusi (Raphael Grif­fiths), whom Azwin­dini chose in July to suc­ceed him on the throne when he learnt that his sons aren’t bi­o­log­i­cally his. “If Su­san’s baby is a son, that means that the child will be the chief of Thathe and Vusi won’t be needed to ful­fil that role,” Mahumela says. But be­fore the ex­pect­ing par­ents can learn their child’s gen­der, Azwin­dini jumps the gun by break­ing the news to Vusi later on Thurs­day 25 Au­gust and the young­ster doesn’t take it well. Vusi is fu­ri­ous that he’s be­ing stripped of power (al­though he didn’t ac­tu­ally have it yet) and he vents to his mom Than­daza (Sindi Dlathu). This un­wel­come news opens old wounds be­tween Than­daza and Azwin­dini on Fri­day 26 Au­gust and Than­daza’s ready to fight for her son.


While most of Thathe is cel­e­brat­ing the news of Su­san’s preg­nancy, her fel­low wives aren’t that ex­cited. “The chief’s royal wives aren’t re­ally cel­e­brat­ing, but they are con­cerned for Su­san’s health,” says Mahumela. Un­cle Gizara and el­der Vho-Masindi (David Sebe and Regina Ne­sen­gani) are also elated by the baby news, but that’s be­cause Vusi is out of the pic­ture now and they weren’t happy with Azwin­dini’s choice to be­gin with. Not that it’s stopping the young­ster – on Tues­day 30 Au­gust, Vusi vows to take on the chief be­cause he thinks that he has ev­ery right to be the next chief. But what does Vusi know that his un­cle doesn’t and just how far is he will­ing to go for the throne?

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