Lady of the manor

Har­riet’s leav­ing a trail of de­cep­tion, ma­nip­u­la­tion and death.

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Te­len­ov­ela The Queen (2016) tells a tale of power and a glitzy life­style, funded by the il­le­gal drug trade. tv­plus was on set in Ruim­sig, on Joburg’s West Rand for a chat with lead ac­tress Con­nie Fer­gu­son to find out more about play­ing evil Har­riet, who wants her throne and why she swapped SABC1 soapie Gen­er­a­tions (1994- cur­rent) for her Mzansi show…

Tell us about Har­riet “the queen”. Har­riet is the boss [Laughs] and a lov­ing mom to her kids. She’s over­pro­tec­tive to a fault, but “the queen” is smart and she knows what her mur­dered hubby Mzi’s ( Trea­sure Tsha­bal­ala) busi­ness was all about. Har­riet found out that Mzi was plan­ning to leave her for their maid Vi­o­let (Mbali Nkosi), so Har­riet had him as­sas­si­nated [in episode 1] with help from her dan­ger­ous big brother Kgosi (Sello Maake Ka-Ncube). Har­riet in­her­ited Mzi’s drug em­pire, which is fronted by a truck­ing busi­ness. But she has an en­emy in her step­son, right? Yes! Shaka (SK Khoza) is the el­dest son from Mzi’s first mar­riage and Har­riet loves him although she doesn’t show it. Shaka is hot-headed and Har­riet’s stub­born, so they keep butting heads. She Har­riet knows how to play the griev­ing wife… even though she’s not one. also has to worry about the cops… one in par­tic­u­lar. De­tec­tive Maake (Con­nie’s real-life hubby Shona) is Har­riet’s worst night­mare – he’s re­lent­less. It’s amaz­ing that every time Har­riet and Kgosi think they have a plan, the de­tec­tive shows up. But Har­riet can’t run for­ever… How do you and Shona get in and out of your char­ac­ters? I’ll film with Shona any day [Laughs]. We don’t like to play a cou­ple be­cause peo­ple know us as a cou­ple. We try to ex­plore dif­fer­ent sides of our per­son­al­i­ties; it cre­ates very in­ter­est­ing dy­nam­ics be­tween us on­screen. In The Queen, Shona is a nerdy de­tec­tive and I play this woman who’s killed her hus­band – they won’t see eye to eye. It’s funny to us be­cause at the end of the day, we sim­ply see it as char­ac­ters telling a story. It’s not who we are as peo­ple. And what’s the shift been like from soapie Gen­er­a­tions to your new te­len­ov­ela role? Act­ing is act­ing; there shouldn’t be a dif­fer­ence where you act. A te­len­ov­ela is a bridge be­tween a soapie and a drama. It’s eas­ier to own your char­ac­ter on a te­len­ov­ela that’s set in an open space, like we did on The Wild (2011-2013) and Rockville (2013- cur­rent). I love Gen­er­a­tions (Con­nie played Karabo on both the orig­i­nal and the re­booted Gen­er­a­tions – The Legacy). I have a good re­la­tion­ship with them, so I never say never [to re­turn­ing one day]. Har­riet isn’t the kind of per­son to suf­fer fools.

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