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Sea­son 3 Food Net­work (*175) 16:00 Life­style Episode 7 Ev­ery pork recipe pos­si­ble is on show.

How do you see your role on the show? K: As a friend to the kids and a moth­erly fig­ure in a way. I have fun with them but I reel them in a lit­tle bit [Laughs]. M: I’m fun, crazy and un­pre­dictable. What’s the worst that could hap­pen? They could shout “cut” and edit it out. What’s it like hav­ing some of the con­tes­tants be taller than you? K: There are two of them who’re shorter and the rest are taller than me. That’s nor­mal [Laughs]. At home I’m the el­dest of three but I’m also the short­est. M: We were teas­ing her for the first two weeks be­cause we were like, “Okay kids come along… oh, that’s you, Kirsten.” The funny part is they lis­ten to her more than me. There’s this kid Ben who is full of en­ergy. I’m like, “Calm down, Ben!” And she can just use a hand ges­ture. She’s like, “Ben?” [he makes a ges­ture with his hand like a pup­pet mouth clos­ing] and… si­lence. I try that and it just doesn’t work with me. What have you learnt from the show? M: We get ap­ples year round but they only har­vest ap­ples from Feb to May. K: I didn’t know there was a kind of acid that comes from a mango when you pick it. I just thought you take the mango and eat it! I loved that one. How has be­ing on Cook­about changed your cook­ing and eating habits? K: I’ve been drink­ing a lot less milk and eating a lot less cheese be­cause it has opened my eyes to how it’s made. M: And the smell. No! NB! See part 1 on p49.

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