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Liam warns St­effy about Wy­att and his crazy mom, and Julius tells Sasha to leave LA be­cause no one wants her around. Wy­att is forced to choose be­tween the women he loves, and Sasha wants to stay in LA to bond with her sis­ters. Ridge wants Bill out of For­rester Cre­ations and en­cour­ages Katie to go af­ter Bill’s shares in their di­vorce. Katie and Rick plan their hos­tile takeover, Bill asks Brooke for an awk­ward favour, and Ridge con­fronts Quinn about con­ning Eric. Thomas and Sasha get closer, and Eric calls a fam­ily meet­ing that will af­fect power dy­nam­ics at For­rester.


Days Of Our Lives has been on a break in the US dur­ing the 2016 Olympics, but here’s what com­ing up: a smit­ten Salem res­i­dent finds her­self feel­ing heartbroken not just once but twice! The hunt for miss­ing baby Tate takes an un­ex­pected and even more dra­matic turn, while the feud be­tween Jen­nifer and Chad gets uglier as they bat­tle for the right to raise Abby’s baby. Vic­tor is ar­rested for kid­nap­ping but it looks like he’s been set up, while a jail­break sees three vil­lains re­turn for re­venge.


Chelsea wor­ries about what her fu­ture with Adam will be like, and Billy tries to con­vince Victoria to ac­cept Jill’s of­fer to take over run­ning Brash & Sassy but Victoria sees right through Jill’s ul­te­rior mo­tives. Sum­mer an­nounces to her mom that she’s en­gaged to Luca, forc­ing Phyl­lis to en­ter into a dan­ger­ous al­liance with Vic­tor to ex­pose Luca. Neil gets eva­sive with Lily when the twins ask ques­tions about his par­ents, and Kevin wants Mariah’s help in try­ing to get Chloe back. Jill wants Phyl­lis off the foun­da­tion board, and Vic­tor loses pa­tience with Chloe.

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